ALBUM REVIEW: Raw Silk – The Borders of Light

Fame of Poets Records - April 24th 2017

There’s a laid back charm and certain precise progressive yet melodic dexterity to Raw Silk’s latest album ‘The Borders of Light’ which follows the acclaimed debut from the 90’s ‘Silk Under The Skin’.

It’s certainly been a while, and on opening track ‘One Lifetime’ they waste no time getting to the point. There’s a gentle progressive leaning to their brand of melodic rock on the opener that makes it one of the most memorable tracks here.

Elsewhere that progressive edge is apparent yet subdued amidst the characteristic big riffs, prominent keys and huge drawn melodies. It’s actually a really enjoyable album despite being a little one-paced at times (slow to mid-tempo is the order of the day here).

Standouts include: That opening tunes ‘One Lifetime’; the reaching, searching ‘Nobody Fills the emptiness’; the slightly more forceful ‘Night Time Angels’ and the  slightly off-message and bluesy ‘Losing My Mind’.

The best track here though is perfect AOR storm of ‘Out of Reach’ which really nails it and finally ups the pace of the album. Indeed if I have one slight reservation it’s all about the rather singular tempo of the material. But with songs this good that does seem rather trite. A great return.

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