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ALBUM REVIEW: Sweet & Lynch – Unified

November 10, 2017 Mark Rockpit

After a rather exciting first outing ‘Only to Rise’ in 2015,  Sweet & Lynch the band centered around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of  heavy metal stalwarts Stryper and iconic guitarist George Lynch (Lynch […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Europe – Walk the Earth

November 6, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a grand architecture to Europe’s style of Rock these days that isn’t constrained by a push towards building cheap chart success, and it’s that bigger vision that gives them a real freedom to do […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: UFO – The Salentino Cuts

November 4, 2017 Mark Rockpit

After a career of 48 years and counting you deserve to put out a covers record, indeed it’s rather remarkable that over the years UFO hasn’t jumped on either the ‘covers’ or the ‘acoustic’ bandwagons, […]


INTERVIEW: Gilby Clarke

November 1, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Solo artist and ex-Guns ‘n’ Roses guitar-slinger Gilby Clarke is headed down-under for short set of shows this December. Starting off as guitarist in Candy, Gilby left to form his own band Kill for Thrills (whose […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Samarkind – Samarkind

October 25, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a bluesy, whiskey-soaked yearning to the opening strains of ‘Black Rain’ a song that sounds like it could only have been born in the seventies. That is until it hits full sprint with a […]


INTERVIEW: Andi – Black Diamonds

October 17, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Sometimes you just hear an album and it really captures your imagination. ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Switzerland’s Black Diamonds is one of those albums. Formed in 2004, ‘Black Diamonds’ are a hard rock band […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Bigfoot -Bigfoot

October 13, 2017 Mark Rockpit

This year I’m pretty much overwhelmed by the sheer quality of releases coming out of the UK Hard Rock scene and it’s time to add another name to that ever growing list – Bigfoot, who […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Rogue – Serpentine

October 10, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a real energy, chunky groove a great melody to ‘Erased’ the first song from 10 Rogue on this their debut album ‘Serpentine’. A multinational band 10 ROGUE, was founded in Johannesburg S Africa, but are […]


INTERVIEW: Louis James – Dirty Thrills

October 9, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Dirty Thrills are an exciting and charismatic bluesy hard rock quartet from London, UK. Fronted by the son of ex-Moody Blues singer Nicky James, this unique outfit are bringing back old school rock ‘n’ roll, while […]


INTERVIEW: Jared James Nichols

October 5, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jared James Nichols, returns with his new album “Black Magic” which is the follow up to 2015’s debut album “Old Glory & The Wild Revival”. “Black Magic” features 10 tracks and will be released […]

Sebastian Bach

INTERVIEW: Sebastian Bach

September 20, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Over the years Sebastian Bach has become an ever more frequent visitor to Australia, usually with a new album for us when he arrives. This time though his latest release has been his Autobiography ’18 […]

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