Mark Rockpit – Business Manager, Senior Editor In-Chief
Writer & Photographer, Label & Management
Email: digg@therockpit.net

Andrew “Schizodeluxe” Massie – General Manager, Online Editor, Publicity
Writer & Press, Label & Management
Email: andrew@therockpit.net


Writers Staff

Leslie Phillips – Reviews & Press (Sydney)

Steve Warsap – Reviews & Interviews (UK)

Steve Monaghan – Interviews & Reviews (Perth)

Scott “Rock” Smith – Reviews & Photography (Melbourne)

Steven Neff – Reviews & Interviews (US)

Cherri Bird – Interviews, Reviews & Photography (US)

Ricardo Urquiza – Reviews (Regional W.A.)

Andre Avila – Reviews & Photography (Perth)

Kimberly Ann – Reviews & Photography (US)



Tracey “Tink” Mailhiot (US)

Tammie Molotov (Perth)
Website: Molotov Enterprises and Photography

Scotty Rock (Melbourne)
Website: SAS75 Photography

Linda Dunjey (Perth)
Website: Linda Dunjey Photography

Elspeth Erickson (Perth)
Website: Elspeth Erickson Photography

Jessica Vaini (Perth)
Website: JV Photo & Film

Andre Avila (Perth)
Website: Redwood Visions

Kimberly Ann (US)
Website: Garden State Band Connection



Tanya Hadlington – Writer
Paul Hadlington – Writer, Photographer
Leon Todd – Writer
Kat Northey – Writer
Joseph Wilson – Writer
Melisa Coleman – Writer
James Handler – Writer
Matty James – Writer
Hunz Fenrir – Writer


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