M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction

INTERVIEW: Billy Milano – M.O.D.

June 29, 2017 The Rockpit

  “Billy Milano, a voracious reader, avid cook and a Proud and Loud Republican, inadvertently resurrected his hardcore punk rock band in a time when he needed it most. You’d be mistaken to assume anything […]

Ill Nino

INTERVIEW: Ahrue Luster – Ill Nino

June 13, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Hailing from New Jersey/New York, ILL NIÑO are a not just a meteorological event, they are a musical force to be reckoned with. Their revered album ‘Revolution Revolución’ marked what was the beginning for […]


INTERVIEW: Peter Wiwczarek – Vader

June 9, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Polish death metal veterans Vader join forces with German thrashers Kreator in Australia this September for a double bill of extreme metal at it’s best. Touring in support of their latest album “The Empire”, […]


INTERVIEW: Myke Terry – Volumes

June 7, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  If Volumes can be defined by two things, it’s a commitment to heavy, dynamic music…and confidence. The Los Angeles-based metalcore quintet, rounded out by Myke Terry [vocals], Gus Farias [vocals], Diego Farias [guitar], Raad Soudani [bass] […]


INTERVIEW: Josh Scogin – ’68

June 1, 2017 Andrew Massie

  American rock duo ’68 (featuring Josh Scogin ex-The Chariot/Norma Jean) are set to release their forthcoming album Two Parts Viper on Friday 2 June. On top of that, the pair are hitting Australia for a […]


INTERVIEW: Mikee Goodman – Sikth

May 28, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  UK progressive metallers Sikth finally return with their first full length album in over 10 years in “The Future In Whose Eyes?” which will be released on June 2nd. The band had previously took […]


INTERVIEW: Chris Brown – Trapt

May 22, 2017 Andrew Massie

  American rock titans Trapt are finally heading to Australia for their very first tour to the country in  their mega successful career. For many it’s a reminder of those anthemic rock tunes like “Headstrong” […]


INTERVIEW: Niilo Sevanen – Insomnium

May 17, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Finnish melodic death metal masters Insomnium return to Australia after their successful supporting role with The Haunted in 2015, not only satisfying Aussie punters who waited to see the band live for the first […]


INTERVIEW: Derek Boyer – Suffocation

May 11, 2017 Andrew Massie

  New York death metal veterans Suffocation finally return with a new album titled “…Of The Dark Light” which comes out June 9th, 4 years after their previous effort “Pinnacle Of Bedlam” which saw the […]


INTERVIEW: Arjen Lucassen – Ayreon

April 18, 2017 Andrew Massie

  While Ayreon’s ‘Forever/Planet Y’ saga seemed to have reached its conclusion with the album 01011001, it’s clear that Arjen Lucassen’s creative muses had other plans. The new Ayreon album The Source revisits the Forever […]


INTERVIEW: Glenn Hughes

April 10, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Over in Australia and New Zealand in May and June to provide the voice on ‘The Music of Cream’ Tour, the evergreen ‘Voice of Rock’ is back, indeed Glenn has never been busier.  With a fantastic solo […]

L.A. Cobra

INTERVIEW: Don Cobra – L.A. Cobra

April 6, 2017 Scotty Rock

  On Saturday April 15th, after an almost 5 year hiatus, Adelaide’s own evening dedicated to glam, trash and rock n roll returns. “The Sleaze Ball 2017” features Pete London and Eric Young from Crashdïet […]


INTERVIEW: Tim Brown – Striker

March 28, 2017 Andrew Massie

There’s no time wasted when it comes to one of Canada’s most thrilling metal bands Sriker. In 2016, they unleashed their award winning Stand In The Fire, their fourth album and first release via their […]


INTERVIEW: Todd Hunter – Dragon

March 24, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Iconic band Dragon are back after a raft of sell-out Countdown performances throughout 2016 with round two of the popular tour. Countdown Oz Chartbusters will see Dragon celebrate the best of the Australian charttoppers, […]


INTERVIEW: Karl Willetts – Memoriam

March 19, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  When Bolt Thrower drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns passed in his sleep on September 14th, 2015, the members of Britain’s longest standing death metal band were absolutely bereft. Three weeks after, bassist Frank Healy, of […]

The Darkhorse

INTERVIEW: The Darkhorse

March 17, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Hailing from the muddy fields and pig sheds of Northamptonshire, The Darkhorse are a 4 piece metal band with the heart of doom and sludge but with the lungs of a hardcore band, drawing their […]

Protest The Hero

INTERVIEW: Rody Walker – Protest The Hero

March 14, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Canadian progressive metal rockers Protest The Hero tour Australia in April in support of their latest release “Pacific Myth”, an experimental idea released via a subscription-based serial distributed through the online music subscription service […]


INTERVIEW: Steven Wussow – Xandria

March 12, 2017 Andrew Massie

  German Epic Symphonic Metal maestros Xandria have found lineup stability with singer Dianne van Giersbergen and are ready to take things to the next level with their seventh studio album Theater of Dimensions. We get a few words […]

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