King Parrot - Ugly Produce
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ALBUM REVIEW: King Parrot – Ugly Produce

September 21, 2017 Ricardo

  King Parrot is from another planet, their style of music is unrelenting, ugly, nasty but it’s like a million shots fired to your body and you don’t know where the bullets are coming from. […]

Makeout - The Good Life
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ALBUM REVIEW: Makeout – The Good Life

September 21, 2017 Cherri Bird

  Rhode Island pop punk quartet Makeout release their debut full length album titled ‘The Good Life’ through Rise Records. We take an in-depth look at the tracks on offer and what to expect when […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Newman – Aerial

September 20, 2017 Mark Rockpit

British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Newman has been producing great melodic rock for over twenty years now. This his 11th album is no exception – indeed it might just be up there with his best, […]

Septillion - Inheritance
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ALBUM REVIEW: Septillion – Inheritance

September 18, 2017 Ricardo

  Wow!! When you hear this album you’ll be left with the wondering feeling of how this band can bring something this intense into the scene. Dark, brutal, epic, this is the soundtrack to an […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Frontline – Cold World

September 17, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Cold World, the debut album from Chicago modern rockers Frontline is a light melodic affair. Opening track ‘Follow’ comes across like a heavier Collective Soul, or early Shinedown, maybe even a more soulful Train. It’s […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Jon Stevens – Starlight

September 15, 2017 Mark Rockpit

As a relative later-comer to the music of Jon Stevens he’s always been a solo artist to me rather than the ex-lead vocalist of iconic Aussie band Noiseworks. ‘Starlight’ is his tenth solo release and his highest […]

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EP REVIEW: Rosemont – Rosemont

September 11, 2017 Mark Rockpit

If the name ‘Rosemont’ is unfamiliar to you then cast your mind back to cast your mind back to 2013 and ‘First Taste’ the debut album from a South Australian Sleaze Rock band with the […]

Alazka - Phoenix
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ALBUM REVIEW: Alazka – Phoenix

September 2, 2017 Cherri Bird

  There’s a possibility that upon hearing the first track or two off PHOENIX, that it bends your ear to a familiarity; and not just because there is something within the music either. It’s more […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lynch Mob – The Brotherhood

September 1, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a wonderful feeling that sweeps over you when you hear opening track ‘Main Offender’ – it’s a song that just instantly transports you back to the glorious Wicked Sensation album from 1990. There’s that […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger

August 17, 2017 Mark Rockpit

After a building opening piece ‘Road to Vega’ shot through with guitars and quite promising, it fades, and ‘Comatose’, a fiery melodic rocker bursts forth. At the same time as you were disappointed that the […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dobermann – Pure Breed

August 14, 2017 Mark Rockpit

With a decent boogie-driven hard rock sound like on ‘War Thunder’ Dobermann certainly catch your attention. There’s a certain bluesy good time feeling about that track but not in the way say the Quireboys play […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Moritz – About Time Too

July 31, 2017 Mark Rockpit

It’s interesting that the very next album I get for review after Cats in Space’s excellent ‘Scarecrow’ which features both Greg Hart and Andy Stewart from the original line up of Moritz is from that […]

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