Ne Obliviscaris - Urn
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ALBUM REVIEW: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

November 17, 2017 Ricardo

  What a devastating album from start to finish this is absolutely crushing! “Urn” is so well crafted with epic songs that I don’t know where to start. This band has really opened the eyes […]

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November 12, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Swedish thrashers F.K.U. return with another set of horror inspired thrash metal tracks in the form of “1981”, a bloodbath of speed metal that pays homage to the year of classic horror movies, 1981. […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sweet & Lynch – Unified

November 10, 2017 Mark Rockpit

After a rather exciting first outing ‘Only to Rise’ in 2015,  Sweet & Lynch the band centered around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of  heavy metal stalwarts Stryper and iconic guitarist George Lynch (Lynch […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Europe – Walk the Earth

November 6, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a grand architecture to Europe’s style of Rock these days that isn’t constrained by a push towards building cheap chart success, and it’s that bigger vision that gives them a real freedom to do […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: UFO – The Salentino Cuts

November 4, 2017 Mark Rockpit

After a career of 48 years and counting you deserve to put out a covers record, indeed it’s rather remarkable that over the years UFO hasn’t jumped on either the ‘covers’ or the ‘acoustic’ bandwagons, […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Samarkind – Samarkind

October 25, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a bluesy, whiskey-soaked yearning to the opening strains of ‘Black Rain’ a song that sounds like it could only have been born in the seventies. That is until it hits full sprint with a […]

Set Before Us - Enigmas
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ALBUM REVIEW: Set Before Us – Enigmas

October 24, 2017 Ricardo

  Hailing from Sweden comes this outfit who is not afraid to raise the bar in brutality terms. Mixed with melodic passages and spiralling guitar licks, this is not your typical metalcore band, don’t assume […]

Powerman 5000 - New Wave
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ALBUM REVIEW: Powerman 5000 – New Wave

October 21, 2017 Cherri Bird

  Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the cover art for POWERMAN 5000’s new record “NEW WAVE”? I mean, anyone that loves Frank from “DONNIE DARKO” (or finds that masked rabbit man wildly scary) and loves […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Bigfoot -Bigfoot

October 13, 2017 Mark Rockpit

This year I’m pretty much overwhelmed by the sheer quality of releases coming out of the UK Hard Rock scene and it’s time to add another name to that ever growing list – Bigfoot, who […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Angel Nation – Aeon

October 10, 2017 Leslie Phillips

Everyone it seems these days wants a piece of the Nightwish-styled Melodic Metal action, some grasp for something they will never replicate and others  manage to show that it’s just not the Finnish masters that […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Rogue – Serpentine

October 10, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a real energy, chunky groove a great melody to ‘Erased’ the first song from 10 Rogue on this their debut album ‘Serpentine’. A multinational band 10 ROGUE, was founded in Johannesburg S Africa, but are […]

King Parrot - Ugly Produce
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ALBUM REVIEW: King Parrot – Ugly Produce

September 21, 2017 Ricardo

  King Parrot is from another planet, their style of music is unrelenting, ugly, nasty but it’s like a million shots fired to your body and you don’t know where the bullets are coming from. […]

Makeout - The Good Life
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ALBUM REVIEW: Makeout – The Good Life

September 21, 2017 Cherri Bird

  Rhode Island pop punk quartet Makeout release their debut full length album titled ‘The Good Life’ through Rise Records. We take an in-depth look at the tracks on offer and what to expect when […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Newman – Aerial

September 20, 2017 Mark Rockpit

British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Newman has been producing great melodic rock for over twenty years now. This his 11th album is no exception – indeed it might just be up there with his best, […]

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