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ALBUM REVIEW: Michael Monroe – The Best

June 16, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Back in April Michael Monroe released the single ‘One Foot Outta The Grave’, a new song  which grabbed you with such immediacy and force so soon after the magnificent 2015 opus ‘Blackout States’ that you knew […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Kold Creature – A Weakened State

June 6, 2017 Leslie Phillips

Hailing from the southside of Brisbane – Kold Creature is yet another reason to love the sunshine state and the melodic groove metal stylings of their residents. After an atmospheric opening with the largely superfluous ‘Awakening’, first single ‘Edge Of […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Great White – Full Circle

June 3, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Earlier this year Jack Russell’s Great White finally put out their response to Great White’s 2012 Russell-less album ‘Elation’ – it was an album that covered a lot of ground musically but one which stepped […]

Be Faced - Ingot
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EP REVIEW: Be Faced – Ingot

May 29, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Admittedly the band name Be Faced and their EP which is curiously titled “Ingot” doesn’t immediately grab your attention but when you look beyond that and simply tune in to the music, you realize […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Viana – Viana

May 17, 2017 Steven Neff

  There’s times when I review an album, I’ll get that vibe that immediately takes me into an experience that I’ll remember for years to come and there’s times when that album will become part […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Blondie – Pollinator

May 7, 2017 Mark Rockpit

As a long time Blondie fan I always get rather apprehensive when they release and album especially over the last decade when releases have ranged from the sublime ‘Panic of Girls’ to the awful ‘Ghosts of […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Cyanide 4 – Nekyia

April 29, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a real earthy accessibility and youthful vitality to Greece’s Cyanide 4 and their vintage take on Hard Rock. Take the opening track ‘Restless’ – it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, nothing that you didn’t […]

Woodhawk - Beyond The Sun
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ALBUM REVIEW: Woodhawk – Beyond The Sun

April 28, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Hailing from Calgary, Canada, these retro rockers named Woodhawk have unleashed their debut album “Beyond The Sun” which borrows such musical styles like Black Sabbath, The Sword and Thin Lizzy. A healthy dose of […]

Ayreon - Source Code
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ALBUM REVIEW: Ayreon – The Source

April 28, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Arjen Lucassen’s Areyon is about to release the next chapter of the epic Forever saga in “The Source”, blending fantasy and realism to a level that offers escapism from the drudges of daily life. […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Harem Scarem – United

April 21, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Harry Hess and Pete Lesperence’s Harem Scarem are point blank one of the most underappreciated Rock bands ever to walk the face of the planet, debuting in 1991 a month before Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ didn’t really […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Inglorious – II

April 19, 2017 Mark Rockpit

Classic Hard Rock with huge riffs, soulful vocals and songs that run the gamut from Dio-like swagger to Jagged Edge/Skin style cool. Inglorious’ debut album may have been very good indeed, but album number two blows […]

Harlott - Extinction
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ALBUM REVIEW: Harlott – Extinction

April 17, 2017 Andrew Massie

  In 2015 Melbourne thrashers Harlott released what would ultimately end up being one of my favorite metal albums of the year, Proliferation and given the top quality of that release, it seemed unlikely that […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lacerta – [self titled]

April 13, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Birthed in 2005, prior to the more-recent explosion of tech death, Lacerta paved the way for later-era tech death bands such as Byond Creation and Archspireand released their debut effort entitled Mind Processor in […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: One Desire – One Desire

April 10, 2017 Mark Rockpit

There’s a certain Hard Rocking goodness that underlies the classy melodic rock of ‘One Desire’. You might miss it on the slick opener ‘Hurt’ but it’s there waiting to bust through on ‘Apologize’ that follows […]

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