ALBUM REVIEW: Cloud Catcher – Trails Of Kosmic Dust

Totem Cat Records - March 13th 2017

Cloud Catcher - Trails Of Kosmic Dust


It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that Denver has a great music scene and one such band bringing in a more classic sound is Cloud Catcher who have put out their second album “Trails Of Kosmic Dust”. Press releases state that they blend the jammy spirit of ’70s heavy rock and a bolder classic doom approach and that which they do very well.

From the frenetic groove opener of “Astral Warrior”, it’s obvious where the band derive their influences and their style of psychedelic rock. It’s more than just classic rock though even with standout tracks like “Beyond The Electric Sun” whose wah pedal infested guitar work complete with a trippy swing that sways across your speakers or the Sabbath dripped “Visions”, Cloud Catcher really emphasise on acid driven rock that focuses on groove and weird guitar noises that give the skngs a huge instrumental feel.

As the album progresses you feel like you are in a journey of sorts as the songs start to become even more loose and metaphorical musically speaking. The title track emphasises that point greatly as the songs takes you adventurously through bass driven grooves and psychedelic sounds before coming back full circle. The last 2 tracks especially, “Super Acid” and “Righteous Ruler” are wonderfully psychedelic with much more instrumentalisation than vocals which throws back to more 60’s sounding rock which is a slight departure from the beginning of the album. But that variety is the key here and with it’s seamless lead ins from song to song, “Trails Of Kosmic Dust” is an album that must be heard from start to finish which fits nicely with it’s vintage theme.



Astral Warrior
Celestial Empress
Beyond The Electric Sun
Dimensional Interlude
Trails Of Kosmic Dust
Super Acid Magick
Righteous Ruler

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