INTERVIEW: Dustin Bates – Starset

July 14, 2017 Andrew Massie

  STARSET’S musical vision is only understood by entering the psyche of founding member and multi instrumental vocalist, Dustin Bates. Bates – a graduate with a Masters degree in electrical engineering, who taught at the […]


INTERVIEW: Primordial

July 5, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Irish pagan black metallers, Primordial make their Australia debut this week with 2 exclusive shows in Melbourne and Sydney and we caught a few words our way from the band ahead of the shows.   […]

Prong - Zero Days
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ALBUM REVIEW: Prong – Zero Days

July 1, 2017 Andrew Massie

  It’s been barely a year and a half since groove/hardcore metallers Prong released the brilliant “X – No Absolutes” which we picked out as last year’s metal album of the year and before we […]


INTERVIEW: Peter Wiwczarek – Vader

June 9, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Polish death metal veterans Vader join forces with German thrashers Kreator in Australia this September for a double bill of extreme metal at it’s best. Touring in support of their latest album “The Empire”, […]


INTERVIEW: Josh Scogin – ’68

June 1, 2017 Andrew Massie

  American rock duo ’68 (featuring Josh Scogin ex-The Chariot/Norma Jean) are set to release their forthcoming album Two Parts Viper on Friday 2 June. On top of that, the pair are hitting Australia for a […]

Be Faced - Ingot
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EP REVIEW: Be Faced – Ingot

May 29, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Admittedly the band name Be Faced and their EP which is curiously titled “Ingot” doesn’t immediately grab your attention but when you look beyond that and simply tune in to the music, you realize […]


INTERVIEW: Chris Brown – Trapt

May 22, 2017 Andrew Massie

  American rock titans Trapt are finally heading to Australia for their very first tour to the country in  their mega successful career. For many it’s a reminder of those anthemic rock tunes like “Headstrong” […]

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell: We Fall On A Black Day

May 18, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Soundgarden wasn’t just any ordinary rock band, aside from being part of the revolutionary grunge era of the 90’s they were also hugely inspirational in both creative musical aspects as well as lyrically and […]


INTERVIEW: Niilo Sevanen – Insomnium

May 17, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Finnish melodic death metal masters Insomnium return to Australia after their successful supporting role with The Haunted in 2015, not only satisfying Aussie punters who waited to see the band live for the first […]

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LIVE REVIEW: Desecrator – May 12th 2017

May 13, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Melbourne thrashers Desecrator have been tearing across Australia in support of their first ever full-length album “To The Gallows“, an album that was long overdue but ultimately well worth the wait. With support from […]


INTERVIEW: Derek Boyer – Suffocation

May 11, 2017 Andrew Massie

  New York death metal veterans Suffocation finally return with a new album titled “…Of The Dark Light” which comes out June 9th, 4 years after their previous effort “Pinnacle Of Bedlam” which saw the […]

Woodhawk - Beyond The Sun
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ALBUM REVIEW: Woodhawk – Beyond The Sun

April 28, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Hailing from Calgary, Canada, these retro rockers named Woodhawk have unleashed their debut album “Beyond The Sun” which borrows such musical styles like Black Sabbath, The Sword and Thin Lizzy. A healthy dose of […]

Ayreon - Source Code
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ALBUM REVIEW: Ayreon – The Source

April 28, 2017 Andrew Massie

  Arjen Lucassen’s Areyon is about to release the next chapter of the epic Forever saga in “The Source”, blending fantasy and realism to a level that offers escapism from the drudges of daily life. […]


INTERVIEW: Arjen Lucassen – Ayreon

April 18, 2017 Andrew Massie

  While Ayreon’s ‘Forever/Planet Y’ saga seemed to have reached its conclusion with the album 01011001, it’s clear that Arjen Lucassen’s creative muses had other plans. The new Ayreon album The Source revisits the Forever […]

Harlott - Extinction
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ALBUM REVIEW: Harlott – Extinction

April 17, 2017 Andrew Massie

  In 2015 Melbourne thrashers Harlott released what would ultimately end up being one of my favorite metal albums of the year, Proliferation and given the top quality of that release, it seemed unlikely that […]

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