Lock Up

INTERVIEW: Kevin Sharp – Lock Up

October 3, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Grindcore supergroup Lock Up, made up of Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth, Venemous Concept), Nick Barker (ex-Cradle Of Filth), Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Brujeria) will be hitting Australia this week as […]


INTERVIEW: Diego Tejeida – Haken

July 19, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  British Space-age progressive virtuosos Haken are touring Australia for the first time ever in their 10 year career, bringing their technical wizardry and 80’s inspired synth rock to the Aussie audiences. Their latest album […]

Ill Nino

INTERVIEW: Ahrue Luster – Ill Nino

June 13, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Hailing from New Jersey/New York, ILL NIÑO are a not just a meteorological event, they are a musical force to be reckoned with. Their revered album ‘Revolution Revolución’ marked what was the beginning for […]


INTERVIEW: Myke Terry – Volumes

June 7, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  If Volumes can be defined by two things, it’s a commitment to heavy, dynamic music…and confidence. The Los Angeles-based metalcore quintet, rounded out by Myke Terry [vocals], Gus Farias [vocals], Diego Farias [guitar], Raad Soudani [bass] […]


INTERVIEW: Mikee Goodman – Sikth

May 28, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  UK progressive metallers Sikth finally return with their first full length album in over 10 years in “The Future In Whose Eyes?” which will be released on June 2nd. The band had previously took […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lacerta – [self titled]

April 13, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Birthed in 2005, prior to the more-recent explosion of tech death, Lacerta paved the way for later-era tech death bands such as Byond Creation and Archspireand released their debut effort entitled Mind Processor in […]


INTERVIEW: Karl Willetts – Memoriam

March 19, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  When Bolt Thrower drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns passed in his sleep on September 14th, 2015, the members of Britain’s longest standing death metal band were absolutely bereft. Three weeks after, bassist Frank Healy, of […]


INTERVIEW: Frankie Palmeri – Emmure

March 5, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Metalcore heavy-hitters Emmure released their new album, titled “Look At Yourself”, on March 3rd 2017. The band’s follow up to the 2014 full-length “Eternal Enemies” is their first with SharpTone Records and will see […]

Code Orange

INTERVIEW: Jami Morgan – Code Orange

January 6, 2017 Steve Monaghan

  Comprised of Jami Morgan (Drums / Vocals), Eric Balderose (Guitar / Vocals), Reba Meyers (Guitar / Vocals) and Joe Goldman (Bass), Code Orange have gripped listeners and press around the globe with their visionary […]

The Rockpit best of 2016

Best Of 2016 – Metal

December 19, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  It’s that time of the year again when we round up the very best of rock and metal for the year and 2016 had some great releases and some fantastic highlights. From the biggest […]

Killswitch Engage

INTERVIEW: Justin Foley – Killswitch Engage

November 16, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  Iconic metal giants, Killswitch Engage, will be returning to Australia in March 2017, in support of their seventh album Incarnate. The Massachusetts powerhouse will be bringing along the atmospheric, boundary-pushing metallers Fallujah for their […]

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At Depths – At Depths (EP)

November 9, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  West Australian progressive metalcore band At Depths have dropped their debut self titled EP. Describing themselves as a band that not only keeps up with the ever demanding progression of the music industry, but […]

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Galactic Pegasus – Phantom of the Hill

November 9, 2016 Steve Monaghan

Best described as a progressive Metalcore band, Galactic Pegasus come from from British Columbia, Canada. Their sound is mostly influenced by Metalcore from the late 2000’s, as well as the more modern Djent movement. By […]


INTERVIEW: Mitch Burgess – Arkive

November 2, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  Melbourne Djent/Progressive Metalcore outfit Arkive formed out of the ashes of a previous band, picking up a new vocalist and a new sonic direction – and after a short period of rehearsal, their 2015 […]


INTERVIEW: Ross Dolan – Immolation

September 19, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  Immolation have been delivering some of the most unique, and creatively dark, death metal the underground has witnessed for over 25 years. Spewing forth unrelenting, chaotic and twisted sonics while continuing to push the […]


INTERVIEW: Juan Brujo – Brujeria

September 15, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  Their legend has proliferated for nearly three decades. When Brujeria first emerged from the sunbaked hellscape of Los Angeles in 1989, the city was on the brink of chaos. Daryl Gates ruled the LAPD […]


INTERVIEW: Flo Mounier – Cryptopsy

August 31, 2016 Steve Monaghan

  True pioneers in extreme metal; Cryptopsy push, bend and smash musical boundaries with their unique style that is distinctly their own. Their latest offering “The Book Of Suffering – Tome 1” is nothing short […]

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