Philadelphia rock quartet Rivers Monroe reveals new music video for “Safe House”

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Philadelphia’s pop-punk/rock quartet Rivers Monroe has just released a brand new, stunning video for the band’s latest single – “Safe House”! Well-crafted throughout with memorable vocal melodies, minimalistic electronic pulse and meaningful lyrics, “Safe House” manages to deliver intimate atmosphere, musical diversity, emotional depth and impressive soundscapes that permeate the song by creating immersive layers of synth and guitar sounds. Produced by All Time Low’s Rian Dawson at Track Happy Studios in Nashville, TN, “Safe House” is represented by a cinematic oriented video that aims to visually expose the essence of the track.


Rivers Monroe provides additional information and details regarding the song and its meaning: “This composition is about the person (or perhaps even the place) you feel safe with. It is about your rock. Someone you go to for strength and who will always be there for you.  For the video we wanted to show the struggle of lifting yourself from a dark place and finding your safe house. The character in the video is on a journey to revitalize her life, which is very cold and lonely at the beginning. It’s a long journey but she does find it. All the while, her “Safe House” is watching over her.”

Rivers Monroe

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