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If Volumes can be defined by two things, it’s a commitment to heavy, dynamic music…and confidence. The Los Angeles-based metalcore quintet, rounded out by Myke Terry [vocals], Gus Farias [vocals], Diego Farias [guitar], Raad Soudani [bass] and Nick Ursich [drums], are ready to take on the world. After parting ways with former vocalist Michael Barr, the band welcomed former Bury Your Dead vocalist Myke Terry into the fold, who brings a fresh twist into the mix with his high-energy and vibrant charisma. We speak to Myke about the new album ‘Different Animals’ and more ahead of the release which is out this Friday.


Steve: How’s thing in the volumes camp excited for the new album?

Myke: Oh bro we are energised, we cannot wait for this album to come out!

Steve: So the title “Different Animals”, where does the title come from and what inspired you guys with the title?

Myke: Basically this is a turning point for everyone’s life, everything we were born to do really came out on this record. It’s like a new age for the band, a revival of our sound. We were talking about a concept in terms of our sound, I think it just came out and things have changed and we are a different animal. It turns out that the fans had a song from a long time ago called “Different Animals” and we were like, ‘Well it fits, it fits then and it fits now’. I think that’s pretty much how it came into fruition.

Steve: So the writing process was fairly straight forward for you guys this time?

Myke: Yeah it was pretty straight forward. When I joined the band part of the album was already tracked, musically there were a few songs that they were still working on then I joined the band and it took six or seven months before we were completed  doing all the vocals, structuring everything then getting it mixed and mastered. So it took the band about 2 years to get the album completed.

Steve: Great so how did you guys come together with idea’s for the new record?

Myke: So Diego Farias (lead guitarist)  is a wizard (laughs). He had all the idea’s in his head, he and Raad (Soudani, bass) collaborated and did most of the music already, then me and gus Farias (vocals) worked on the vocals and lyrics and what we wanted to say.  It was easy, it was such a breeze. It was just such a tedious and long process getting everyone in a room and getting everyone to not necessarily agree but be like, ‘Ok this is the best it can be’ instead of someone being like, ‘Oh it could be better’ or ‘Oh we could do this or do more. It took us a little bit to be like, ‘Ok we are comfortable with this as our product.’

Steve: Sure so what would be your favourite track on the album at the moment or is that difficult to call?

Myke: Ah I don’t know man, I think maybe “Waves Control or “Pieces” I guess maybe. I don’t know, so many good ones! I think I’ll know once we start playing them live which one I like the most just by how much fun I have playing them.

Steve: I suppose you guys get asked this a lot but are you looking to come to Australia anytime soon? We are busting to see you!

Myke: I sure hope so dude! I’m trying to get down there ASAP! I think they were saying we will try and come out sometime in early 2018, I know we are going to be on tour the next two years on this record so I’m sure we’ll get down that way.


Volumes - Different Animals


Steve: Awesome so for you is there anyone in the industry you’d still like to work with whether it be another producer, musician or have you been lucky enough to work with everyone you’ve ever wanted to?

Myke: Oh geez there are countless people I’d love to work with. I’ve been given the opportunity to work with and go on tour with a lot of great musicians, stuff like that I think off the top of my head I’d like to work with like Thom Yorke (Radiohead), that would be crazy! I’d like to get on a song with Tyler Carter (Issues), that would be tight. I’d like to work with a female, I don’t know, maybe Hayley Williams from “Paramore” or someone like that. I’d like to sing along side a female, I don’t think a lot of people have done that in our genre.

Steve: So for yourself as an artist where do you draw inspiration from the world around you? Books? Music?

Myke: I’m a really big thinker so I always think a lot of things, life experiences and analysing everything around me. I feel like my life is kind of wild so I go through a lot of things so I have a lot of stories both good and bad, I’ve never really been short on information to talk about.

Steve: Sure, so when you were coming up with idea’s for the new album are you the kind of person who carries a pen and paper to put your idea’s there and then or on a sound recorder? How did that work for you?

Myke: So for me during the recording process, I would sit with a pen and pad or sit at the computer and play the part over and over and then I’d just write it in my phone and track it. Or write it down on paper or just track it if my phone was dying, I’d put it down on paper.

Steve: Sure and from a musical stand point were you drawing inspiration from anywhere or are you an artist who locks themselves away from music to solely concentrate on what your doing?

Myke: Yes and no. I feel like I really wasn’t listening to a lot of music at all when we were writing this, I was going through some weird shit. I wasn’t listening to anything except what we recorded unless it was a public setting but I really can’t remember what I was listening to. I don’t want what I’m listening to, to have an effect on what I’m tracking.

Steve: Sure it’s always interesting to get your perspective so this has most likely been asked a lot also but how has the band’s sound evolved over the years?

Myke: Yeah I’ve definitely noticed a difference on “Via”, it was straight ahead brutality. Vocally there wasn’t a lot of exploration into melody. On “No Sleep” it was like, ‘Ok we’re doing more’ but it really kept in touch with the heavy aspect and I think on this album we were able to make it smoother and still be heavy and keep it melodic.

Steve: Yep I totally agree. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the entire album and it takes you on a hell of a ride and it’s exciting! That’s what the fans are going to get and ultimately that’s what you guys have delivered as a listener as well.

Myke: Thank you so much! I feel like on “Via” the band was really good at being heavy and on “No Sleep” the band was exploring being good at singing and this is the perfect melding of being good at both parts.

Steve : Absolutely. Like I said you guys have definitely delivered  like they say, all killer no filler!

Myke: (laughs) Yeah man that’s it! Your right.

Steve: So with this one were you guys going for a particular theme given what’s happening in the world at the moment or did you just go in and let it all out?

Myke: Yeah we just went in guns blazing! But I mean there is a lot of fucked up shit going on in the world, we felt like we are seeing it out on the road.  We are seeing how people are affected by it at our shows, you know that energy is transferable and our fans were bringing that to us. We were seeing it, we were going through it, we were living it, everybody’s afraid, shit’s all crazy! I feel like that kind of panic anxiety comes out in this album for sure especially on some of the tracks, we are not a political band at all but we are not just going to be quiet. We are not going to say that we don’t see something wrong is going on or we have the answers or hey this side is right or whatever but we are acknowledging that shit ain’t cool and we just wanted to add our part to the conversation I guess.

Steve: I get it, you see music as a bit of a refuge from the shit that’s going on in the world I guess?

Myke: Definitely man. I feel like  I can say playing music and being on stage is the only place I feel safe, I feel like I can be myself. I feel like that is the place I feel least judged, we can be very honest and play our most honest shows on that platform.

Steve: Yep totally understand for sure.. Well Myke it has been great speaking with you this morning, thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate it  and hope to catch you at sometime in 2018.

Myke: Thank you. I hope so bro, cheers man!


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