INTERVIEW: Craig and Mark from Maverick

The Rockpit talks to Maverick - debut album out March 2017

You always remember the great ones, like that first time you dropped the needle on ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ or ‘ZZ Top’, the very first time you heard ‘The Black Crowes’ or the time ‘Mountain’ came on the radio and you just had to find out more.  From the very first crashing riff MAVERICK evoke similar memories, of course not as potent as those formative memories which are always coloured by the march of time, but there’s that same tingle, that same sense of anticipation there…

We caught up with Craig and Mark in Fremantle, Western Australia to talk about the debut album. we get the feeling that you’ll be hearing a lot from these guys in the future.

The Rockpit spoke to Maverick February 2017

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