ALBUM REVIEW: Archange – Flashback

Bickee Music - August 25th 2017

When you hear the first notes of opener ‘Walk All Over You’ you feel like you might be getting a melodic take on vintage AC/DC, but when the vocals kick in you get that Klaus Meine Scorpions feeling. And I guess in a way that’s the sort of territory Archange inhabit – the hard rock between those Australian and German legends.

Sadly for me as someone who has a real dislike of Klaus Meine’s voice it’s hard to go much further – the songs are decent in that Dokken/Scorpions melodic rock of the early to mid-80’s way. There’s some cool guitar,a great back-line, but man that voice… So conversely if you love a bit of The Scorps and are afraid that they might be getting near the end then these Frenchmen might be worth a listen.

To be honest they put together some decent tunes – ‘Live Forever’ has a great thrust, Dokken-like guitar and a huge melodic hook’; while other tracks even hint favorably at bands like early Def Leppard and maybe even a little NWOBHM here and there. Essentially though this is rock build on great riffs and big choruses and when you do that well, like these guys certainly do, you can’t go far wrong.

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