Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

Century Media - February 26th 2016

Entombed A.D. return with their 2nd album since their reformation under the new name although as we find out with the new album “Dead Dawn”, the sound is still there. Love it or leave it?

What is there to really say about Entombed A.D. that hasn’t been said before. It feels like the name is so ingrained into the metal community worldwide similar to when you buy a Slayer you put it on and you know exactly what your going to get. Well this is no exception, LG Petrov kicks off proceedings with his unmistakable gravelly voice sounding really violent and steamed up with the track “Midas In Reverse”, guitars here are thick and extremely dense with no real variation. The track “Hubris Fall” has a real doom/sludge feel about it with some great bass and fret work on show here, with the track “Silent Assassin”. I am taken back to the classic sound of the 1993 album “Wolverine Blues”, nothing is held back and feels like you’re being run over by a semi trailer.

Overall nothing new to write home about from the pioneers of “Death ‘n Roll”, really the only thing that has changed is the band name and some lineup changes. Long term I’m not sure how this will go over with the fans, you’ll either go two ways – love it or put it in the “don’t mind it” pile as there is not much here to keep you coming back for more.

Midas in Reverse
Dead Dawn
Down to Mars to Ride
As the World Fell
Total Death
The Winner Has Lost
Silent Assassin
Hubris Fall
Black Survival
Not What It Seems

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