Nuclear Blast News: Cradle Of Filth, Kadavar, Cellar Darling, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

A roundup of the latest news from Nuclear Blast artists including updates on Cradle Of Filth, Kadavar, Cellar Darling and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter



UK’s legendary extreme metal icons CRADLE OF FILTH have announced the details for the band’s upcoming 12th full-length album.

Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay

»Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay« will be released on September 22 via Nuclear Blast with cover artwork by Artūrs Bērziņš. Bērziņš is the mastermind behind the new record’s artwork, photography and videography – best known for his defiant neo-symbolism raster graphics and oil paintings; postmodern interpretations of classic myths. He has been proclaimed as a “sacred monster of Latvian postmodernism”.

Commented the infamous Dani Filth:“The album is deeply infused with Victorian gothic horror and thus the title is a reflection of that. ‘Cryptoriana’ implies the Victorian’s infatuation with the supernatural, the grave and the ghoulish. And the subtitle ‘The Seductiveness Of Decay’ further cements this attraction to death and the glittering lengthy process of self-annihilation.”

The first single off »Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay« will be released on July 5th, the same day that the album pre-order will become available.




Berlin, Germany-based rock overlords KADAVAR have announced the details for their upcoming fourth studio album, »Rough Times«. The album will be released on September 29 via Nuclear Blast.

Kadavar - Rough Times

Commented drummer Tiger: “The process of making this record was quite intense. I kind of went through my inner hell. Working all day, you’re fine but at night all these things were torturing me. The new songs are crazy and absurd sometimes, but also serious and very personal. It’s the ambiguity that holds »Rough Times« together. Every song evolved from a certain strong feeling.

We chose the title because it has this duality. It’s not just funny, yet it’s not a complete serious title. we’re doing fine, but something’s missing in this world. We don’t really fit in or want to but at the same time we’re stuck in this. the times are rough when you wake up and just wanna die, but times can also be rough for very trivial reasons, the latter I have the feeling is very zeitgeisty.

This collage for the cover is the perfect match for the title. I had this picture in my head throughout the whole process. It’s a little rough, but this picture tells a lot.”

Added singer & guitarist Lupus: For me it’s a very serious title, bar any humor. We maintain the achievements of our elders, such as women rights, peace and a corporate Europe by touring through clubs, sniffing 100 euro bills through our noses and call attention to ourselves by posting insta stories. Meanwhile people rising to power decline economy, free thinking and progress. If we don’t start to really care for this heritage and leave it to people who just want to enrich themselves, we will soon face »Rough Times«.

The album itself is a journey through our states of mind. The first 3 songs is us venting our spleen. About everything and everyone we despise – until towards the end when there’s something kinda like hope.”

Aside of the big album announcement, the band also revealed to be releasing an exclusive 7″ vinyl for the first single off the album, called ‘Die Baby Die’. The single will also contain the BEATLES cover ‘Helter Skelter’ and is available for pre-order now:




The latest triumphant single release by CELLAR DARLING, the hyped new band of ex-ELUVEITIE members Anna MurphyMerlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi, confirms that CELLAR DARLING are a force to be reckoned with, and they are just getting started!

The latest single ‘Avalanche’ promotes their highly anticipated debut album »This Is The Sound«, due to be released on Nuclear Blast Records in just a couple of weeks, on June 30th 2017. ‘Avalanche’ tells yet another grim abstract story, painting a picture of the end of things. In band’s own words:

“We’d like to take you on another journey into a picturesque, abstract world. Listen to the summoners of the ‘Avalanche’. A story about a cult and a freezing end to an intimate deathwish.
Shot in the heat of beautiful Tenerife, an intentionally contradictory setting, this video tells you our story with symbolism and movement, contrasts & metaphors. So sit back and let your imagination run wild, enjoy! “

The band’s previous single ‘Black Moon’ confirmed the Swiss ‘newcomers’ are in it to win it. Released only 3 weeks ago to an overwhelming response, ‘Black Moon’ has placed CELLAR DARLING firmly on the map with interest pouring in from all over the world, appealing to rock and metal fans alike with a signature folky hurdy-gurdy tones, Henzi’s trademark guitar riffs, Sutter’s powerful drumming and of course Anna Murphy’s unique voice she has become known for, leading us through an apocalyptic vision of the end of the world as seen by different cultures and religions, all engulfed in a lunar eclipse.
Watch the music video here

“»This Is The Sound«…is sensibly chaotic. It perfectly captures the feeling of being in the eye of a nasty storm, representing a moment of pure bliss, along with the underlying turbulence.” – 9.0 – Owais Nabi,

In addition, the band released the first part of their album documentary “Out of the cellar, into the light”. Part 1, entitled “This is who we are”, is a great insight into the band’s past, the three characters who formed the band and the glue that holds them together.
Watch the documentary here.



»Der Rote Reiter« (engl.: »The Red Rider«), the tenth studio album of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will be released August 25th, 2017.

Today, the band has launched the official lyric video of “Wir Sind Zurück” here

“After a long journey through Thailand, Cambodia and Japan, we met for the first time again in the summer of 2016. After an exuberant party, we went to the rehearsal room in the middle of the night to jam together. It was pure magic. “We are back” was born in this incredible session and from that day on we knew that there would be a new album. The song has everything that makes a real REITER song: joy, passion and tempo. He is the first song we wrote for Der Rote Reiter and there could be no other opener than it. We love this song, it means a lot to us.”

Get your physical copy of the album, here:
Pre-order the digital version of the new album, here:

Vocalist Fuchs, who also created the stunning artwork for the last album, has created the cover artwork for the upcoming album, which you can see above. The template for the artwork is based on a wooden carving that Fuchs created in 2016. You can find the wooden carving on Fuchs’ website, here:

Below is the tracklisting:

1. Wir Sind Zurück
2. Der Rote Reiter
3. Auf Und Nieder
4. Folgt Uns
5. Hört Mich An
6. The Great Experience Of Ectasy
7. Franz Weiss
8. Die Freiheit Ist Eine Pflicht
9. Herz In Flammen
10. Brüder Auf Leben Und Tod
11. Ich Bin Weg
12. Ich Nehm Dir Deine Welt
13. Ich Werd Bleiben


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