Multi-instrumental prog metallers GOD to release follow up album GOD II

GOD returns this October 9 thru December 25, 2017 with GOD II – the follow up to 2016’s challenging debut instrumental multi-layered progressive metal album GOD I. Each song from GOD II will release with a coinciding video starting on October 9 thru December 25, 2017.



With the help of some incredibly talented music editors, writers, reviewers, sites and publications ” GOD I” the debut instrumental progressive metal album from GOD released with hundreds of downloads, over 115,000 streams, 75+ Mainstream & Listener Reviews , international press coverage from publications such as Decibel MagazineBloodrock MediaMetal At The GatesDjent MagThe RockpitHeadbanger Reviews as well as an avid GOD fanbase growing beyond 45,000 social media followers & listeners.

GOD challenges listeners to consider their life & death through the power of music and through the concept of “Inception”. Each track utilizes the concept of “Inception” by releasing with a coinciding video to ask listeners & viewers questions regarding the song title rather than force ideas, opinions or beliefs onto them.


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