ALBUM REVIEW: Jorn – Life on Death Road

Frontiers Music - June 2nd 2017

I don’t think there is any doubt in many people’s minds that Jorn is one of the singers of his generation the only reservation I’ve ever had is that in this ever changing world where we’re fixated so much on ever shifting product that sometimes quality and consistency has been put behind the need to have something new on today’s ‘virtual’ shelves. As a result I think a few less albums and a little more time would propel Norway’s finest set of pipes from being one of the greats to maybe up there with the greatest.

Of course that’s never going to be happen and if truth be told I can’t ever recall being disappointed by a Jorn album, especially in recent years.   Indeed Jorn’s vocals are resoundingly strong once again on this his ninth studio album of original material.

This is also an album that sounds like a band effort: it’s crisp, clear, strong and full of groove without trading off power. There’s certainly plenty of anthems here with songs of that ilk like ‘Man Of The 80’s’, ‘Love Is The Remedy’, ‘Life On Death Road’, and especially ‘Hangman’s Robe’ up there with anything he’s committed to vinyl.

‘Life on Death Road’ took two years of writing, arranging, and producing before wrapping up and it shows, this could well be Jorn’s best solo album to date.



Jorn Lande – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Mat Sinner – Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Francesco Iovino – Drums

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio


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