Resurrection Kings – Resurrection Kings

Frontiers Records - 29th January 2016

Craig Goldy is back and this time it’s with one time bandmate Vinny Appice on drums, ex-Bonham and Foreigner vocalist Chas West and ex-Lynch Mob and Dokken bassist Sean McNabb. What you get is an album that draws significantly on the pedigree of the players and particularly Goldy, and listening to the first track ‘Distant Prayer’ particularly his stint in Dio.
There’s a clear late 70’s vibe at play here with the big sounds of Classic Rock pushed in a bluesy direction but tempered by the grandeur of say early-Rainbow, and even more significantly a really modern overall sound.
What is really notable about Resurrection Kings though is that this is Goldy’s first original material in over 20 years and his playing comes across so strongly and vividly and vibrantly it makes you almost weep that it has taken so long.
This is a great album, effortlessly one of the best so far this year and everyone pulls their weight though the obvious focusses of Goldy and West do some excellent work.   This is fine Melodic Hard Rock delivered with great feeling and passion and no little talent.  You really do need to hear it.
Try: Who Do You Run To; Livin’ Out Loud; Path of Love; Who Do You Run To and What You Take for starters, but it’s all class all the way…

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