INTERVIEW: Tito Quinones – Saint Diablo


Latino hardcore/metal band Saint Diablo recently put out their latest album “Devil Horns And Halos” late last year and are currently on tour with Ill Nino in the U.S. The band may seem fairly new on the surface but as we found out in our chat with frontman Tito Quinones, Saint Diablo are metal veterans in their own right with years of experience behind them and several albums under their belt.


Tito: We’ve been around for a good 20 plus years and we were around before Ill Nino started. We were passed up by a couple of labels because they got an Ill Nino so it’s funny that the way that the worlds collided and the way the planets aligned because we ended up being passed up on several times by labels because they were all like, ‘We already got an Ill Nino, why do we need you guys for’.

But after a couple of years of pounding the streets and touring and albums, we ended up getting a really cool opportunity to work with Tim Giles and Tim Giles was actually the guy that started Ill Nino with Dave Chavarri many years ago and when he heard of our history and the way we had been pigeonholed into a certain demographic that would sometimes negatively compare us to Ill Nino only because we didn’t have the name recognition that they did. So we were really excited to work with Tim Giles because he understood what we were trying to do and he knew how to put a new millenium face to the idea of Latino metal/rock and as soon as we were able to start working with him, it was just night and day difference when it came to both writing and recording, producing.


Listen to the interview below:

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