Nucleust incorporates four passion driven musicians who strive to deliver what can be classified as heavy odd music comprising of unpredictable combinations of metal riffs and motives. Having been inspired by a diverse range of genres from Classical Music to Doom/Goth Metal, from Thrash to Death Metal, and from Jazz to Progressive Rock/Metal, Nucleust creates music, which is a reflection of what is happening in the real world through their own screaming critique, backed by a distinctive sound of extreme 7 & 6 string guitar riffs, massive crunchy bass sounds and groovy heavy drum patterns.

Nucleust began in 2013 with several songs written early on before hitting the live music scene in Perth. With the release of the first track “Whisper”, the band had attracted attention from both local and global metal communities including Blunt Magazine which featured the track on the cover CD of the April 2014 issue as well as airplay from several US community radio stations . They then hit Sovereign Studios in Perth to record their debut E.P in July 2014 recording a six track release titled “Fractured Equilibrium” which was released on November 8th 2014.

The band went into 2015 and continued performing more shows building a solid fanbase along the way through extensive social media promotions and a tightened live show experience. In May the band travelled to Indonesia for a 6 date tour which proved to be a very successful and enlightening experience and August saw the launch of their very first music video for a single track called “Faith By The Sword”.

2016 saw the band take things to the next level beginning with a successful supporting show with the legendary Soilwork along with Aversions Crown in February after which the band hit the studio to record their second EP titled “Resistivity” which received a very positive response from the media and fans including extensive radio play across Australia. This was followed by their first interstate tour in September with shows in Melbourne and Sydney as well as several dates in W.A. as part of a national tour and a hugely successful supporting show with Italian metal legends Lacuna Coil. A second music video for the track “Of King And Tree” was released in December which also received air time on ABC’s ‘Rage” program and the track also won the 2016/2017 WAM’s heavy metal song of the year award.

Nucleust started 2017 with the commencement of writing new songs for the debut full length album “Terra Cerebral”. In between writing sessions the band kicked off a series of shows including a 3 date mini tour in W.A. with Melbourne’s Twelve Foot Ninja as part of their national ‘Sick’ tour as well as a spot at Blacken Open Air Festival in Alice Springs alongside some of Australia’s biggest metal bands. “Terra Cerebral” will be released on July 28th 2017.

With immense plans for the future, Nucleust will continue it’s journey of producing inspiring, heavy and thought provoking music…




Nucleust - Terra Cerebral

Terra Cerebral
Rockpit Records – July 28th 2017

1. Lullaby Paranoia
2. Nothing Is Real But Death
3. Quantum Umbrella
4. Re-earth
5. Of Man And Tree
6. Loss Of A Dearest
7. The Inner Self
8. The Symphony Of Revenge

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Resistivity (EP)
Rockpit Records – August 26th 2016

1. Fear The Fearless
2. Tanbur
3. Of King And Tree
4. Faith By The Sword

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Fractured Equilibrium (EP)
Self Released – November 8th 2014

1. Intro
2. Pandemonium
3. Whisper
4. Fractured Equilibrium
5. Dazzle The Shadow Priest
6. Outro

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