LIVE REVIEW: The Getaway Plan – Perth, September 1st 2017

Rosemount Hotel - Perth, Australia

The Getaway Plan


The first show of Melbourne alternative, post-hardcore band: The Getaway Plan’s Other Voices, Other Rooms Australian Tour kicked off last night at The Rosemount Hotel. They performed two sets, one comprising of their 2008 debut LP Other Voices, Other Rooms in full. They were backed up by local rock legends: Elora Danan.

Taking the stage first was the inspiring 6-piece rock band from Perth: Elora Danan. They started their set off with “Man Of Science,” a perfect warmup track from their 2009 debut LP: In the Room, Up There. Lead vocalist George Green owned the stage with incredible energy and some of the most phenomenal stage presence ever witnessed of an alternative rock band. George spent majority of the show in the pit with the crowd, insisting that the audience sing along with him, and creating a fantastic platform for audience interaction. Other than a few marginal vocal errors in George’s powerful vocal melodies, this band put on an incredible warmup set. They moved to popular repertoire like “Sinking, Always Sinking” which really got the crowd moving and singing along. The band also performed some of their earlier repertoire from their 2007 EP We All Have Secrets, with tracks like “Thank God For Their Growth In Faith And Love” and “Check Your Smile”, consistently working the audience up as they progressed through their set. The band ended their set with “Live Together, Die Alone”. This song exemplified the melodic guitar, and George kept up his outstanding stage presence – spending most of the song in the pit with the audience. Elora Danan’s set was both emotive and fun – a perfect warmup set for the night.

The elegant piano intro to “The Reckoning” from The Getaway Plan’s 2011 LP Requiem filled the atmosphere with anticipation. The headlining band took the stage and tore straight into the song. The floor filled with joy as frontman Matthew Wright approached the track’s delicate melodies. For The Getaway Plan’s first set, they performed a mix of repertoire from across their discography, before moving into their second set to perform their debut album Other Voices, Other Rooms in full. The band performed tracks from their latest LP Dark Horses such as title-track “Dark Horses” and “Battleships”, which were great crowd-pleasers. The band even included “If The Suspense Doesn’t Kill Us, Something Else Will” from their debut EP Hold Conversation from 2006 – which was a pleasant surprise, and real treat for long-time fans of the band. Each track was performed immaculately, Matthew’s vocals were vibrant, and melodic, with minimal errors. The band also highlighted how dynamic they are, transitioning through the more ambient highlights, to the heavier sections and incorporating the electronic features of their repertoire. The Getaway Plan left the stage with some huge expectations for their second set, after putting on a fantastic introduction to their show.

Returning once more, to perform the entirety of their very popular debut LP Other Voices, Other Rooms, the band opened with “Streetlights,” and progressed through the post-hardcore riffs and beautiful melodies. At this point, the venue was packed beyond movability, The Getaway Plan had brought in a serious crowd. The band progressed through their album, with huge hits such as “Sleep Spindles”, “Shadows”, and the audience-favorite, “Where The City Meets The Sea”, all performed to near-perfection, showcasing the band’s sustained energy. The band ended their final set with “Transmission” and by this stage they had sparked up a mosh pit, with plenty of crowd-surfers and shoulder-riders, the audience could not get enough of what this band was delivering – this was also confirmed by the audience shouting for an encore at the end of the show.

The Getaway Plan put on a fantastic first show for their Other Voices, Other Rooms Tour, accompanied by a great set from Elora Danan.



Photos by André Avila at Redwood Visions



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