King Parrot announce new album ‘Ugly Produce’ and release gnarly new video

Melbourne metal monsters KING PARROT have revealed yet another corker video for brand spanking new track ‘TEN POUNDS OF SHIT IN A FIVE POUND BAG‘ alongside details of their forthcoming third LP ‘UGLY PRODUCE’. 

‘Ugly Produce’ is heading for your earholes on September 22 thanks to EVP Recordings and fans can ensure it’s arrival by pre-ordering now from EVP Recordings. Meantime, get stuck into the kinky AF, very NSFW video for thrashy new track ‘Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag’. Naughty.



Like a pitchfork to the skull, King Parrot are ready to tear through your eyes, ears and brain once again with their third full length release ‘Ugly Produce’. A step-up in every sense, the reckless Aussies have topped themselves with another savagely brutal LP; a ten-track feast of distinctively punishing and powerful anthems veined deeply in the extreme underground sound.

Never the band to shy away from their roots and the scene that gave birth to them, King Parrot are forever on a mission to take this depraved, insidious wrecking machine to audiences around the globe. Their unique over-the-top sound is ever prevalent and honed further on ‘Ugly Produce’ while remaining true to the fundamental ideals the band started with; Angst, Aggression, Absurdity and Antics.

After recording 2015’s ‘Dead Set’ in the US, 2017 saw the band head back home to where it all began – recording their third full-length album with Blood Duster’s Jason PC, at the enigmatic Goatsound Studios. ‘Ugly Produce’ reaches new heights in abrasive song-writing and serves up an odious pile of repulsive flavours you wouldn’t want to find on your local fruit and vegetable shelves.

King Parrot have evolved into a fully-fledged touring and creative force barely stopping for a breath since their inception on the international metal scene in 2013. Tour after tour with the likes of Soulfly, Obituary, Down, Cattle Decapitation, Exodus, Superjoint, Voivod and their own headlining tours in Australia, the band are now hardened road warriors and ‘Ugly Produce’ is a testament to the blood, sweat and tears poured into everything King Parrot does.



Pre-Orders Available Now


1. Entrapment
2. Piss Wreck
3. Disgrace Yourself
4. All Hail The Grub
5. Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag
6. Scattered
7. Now It Stokes Frenzy
8. Numb Skull
9. Die Before You Die
10. Spookin’ The Animals 


King Parrot - Ugly Produce

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