Irish rockers The Dystopian Project release new EP “Paradigm”

The Dystopian Project


The talented members of The Dystopian Project believe they have a niche-sound that crosses over the traditional genres of what is classed as prog, rock and metal. While combining elements of all these and mixing melodic acoustic tones creates a different listening experience all together. “Paradigm” embodies all this and more…

Formed in 2013, The Dystopian Project are a rock band hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Fueled by their influences and blending elements of hard rock, progressive rock, acoustic and metal, The Dystopian Project create a musical landscape with beautiful vocal harmonies at its core.

April 2015 saw the release of their debut EP “Death Leaves an Echo” which was met with wide critical acclaim. A diverse collection of songs, it showed the bands early promise and progressive rock leanings.

For the band, 2017 brings their sophomore release “Paradigm”, which further explores their progressive roots. Traditional keyboard sounds have been augmented by the addition of sound design to the song structure, while maintaining the strong vocal harmonies that make The Dystopian Project stand out among their peers. Always challenging the  perceived norms of how things should be done, The Dystopian Project continue to grow and develop, cementing their burgeoning status as a powerful and exciting creative unit.


The Dystopian Project - Paradigm

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