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In the unlikely event that my nerves got the best of me the night I met Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of Doyle and the Misfits, (not to mention crediting the Misfits with the creation of Horror Punk.) I was totally prepared to run off the bus and just keep going down Elm Street in Deep Ellum, or fall on my pen and just completely admit that I have been nervous AF about this interview since it was confirmed back in the Spring. I mean, again, I’m interviewing a legacy in the music industry – another pioneer, another talent that created HISTORY in the industry. Ya, so why would I not be scared??

This is either becoming a pattern – me getting the opportunity to interview some vastly important musicians or I’m just lucky. There are those that might disagree that artists like DOYLE, BRIAN TATLER of DIAMOND HEAD, MIKAEL of DARK TRANQUILLITY, JOHN GALLAGHER of DYING FETUS aren’t important or that part of music isn’t as important as another. Some would naysay that no, the uniqueness is no longer evident in rock, everyone can say they started something because of all of the labeling of genres and subgenres even micro sub-genres, whatever that is.

Personally, I think it’s rad AF if the universe is sending me these gems, icons, legends and people that their sheer existance allowed them to create a part of music; that is permanent and has had an effect on what comes after.

K, so let’s think about something for a minute. The moment that a band like the MISFITS played, instantly they carved a groove that would be defined as _Horror Punk_; the combining of punk influenced music with horror films – and walaa – there it is: _Horror Punk_. Now this didn’t take 20 years to evolve – it instantly happened because people loved it. It’s instances like this that make artists like DOYLE so godam important.

DOYLE is important to the history of modern rock because of what he has done and what he continues to foster what he loves, what he’s still doing, and what millions of people love watching. Since 1980 at the ripe age of 16, he has been instrumental with feeding the Horror Music (Punk or Metal) style of music and a sub-culture for that matter!

I was curious if he thought of the two projects as different or if he had to put on a different game face when writing for Doyle or the Misfits or any of the bands he’s been in.


Cherri: How was it performing with the Misfits last year after 33 years?

Doyle: Normal. Like riding a horse.

Cherri: Playing in your current project Doyle and then having been in the Misfits; it’s kinda like having two kids. One is grown, the other is like an adolescent. How do you feel about each of them or how do you keep them separate.

Doyle: Well, I don’t. It’s performing.

Cherri: Which kid do you like better?

Doyle: I do the same thing no matter what. I’m like a one trick pony, this is what you get.

Cherri: Ya, you’re like a HUGE pony.

[The guys in the back bust out laughing and I have no idea why they’re laughing until I listen back and am transcribing…hahaha!! What I meant was not in stature or physical or where their minds went to the gutter…I meant career wise. I mean, this is DOYLE. Right? Of the MISFITS and DOYLE. Man, ya gotta respect that career and the contributions he’s made within music.]


Photo Credit: Kim Gabriel


Cherri: I saw “vegan” on your box of donuts. Oh and those are amazing, by theway. (Pointing to the pink cardboard donut box on the counter where DOYLE is standing.)

Doyle: Are you eyeing our donuts?

Cherri: Ya, totally. No, I love _Glazed_ and I live right next door to Trees and if I could, I’d eat there everyday but I’d be as big as a house if I did.

Doyle: Ya, you would [be as big as a house].

Cherri: How did you start eating vegan?

Doyle: My girlfriend is vegan and I met her like four years ago. And we were in the airport waiting to go back. We were starving and she was like well if we don’t find me something, we can find you something. And I was like I’m not going to eat what you’re not cool with. We’d go out to eat or she’d make something and I just started eating what she did. But It was fucking good, too!

Cherri: Is it hard to find stuff on the road (touring) that you can eat?

Doyle: Not at all. Robin cooks for us so we just buy what we need where we are. Pretty easy.

Cherri: Are you totally excited about the horror movie you’re filming or will film?

Doyle: I’ve been in a ton of movies, but none where I get to go around killing people. Like when we rent this bus and go around the country killing people…

Cherri: Oh, ya? Do you like cut them up and shove them under in the cargo area below and keep trucking?

Doyle: Wanna find out?? [band mates laugh in the background].

Cherri: No!!

Doyle: No body, no crime.


Doyle II - As We Die

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