Cydemind, Pyramid Theorem & Universe Effects unite for ‘’Proggy Nights In Canada’’ mini-tour

Proggy Nights


Three of the most promising canadian progressive bands will be sharing the stage on a 3-night event called Proggy Nights in Canada. The trio consisting of CYDEMIND, PYRAMID THEOREM and UNIVERSE EFFECTS will visit Québec City on Friday August 18th, Montreal on the 19th and the next day in Toronto. Each band will be headlining in its corresponding town.

‘’We are ecstatic to share the stage with these phenomenal groups on this tour’’ says CYDEMIND bassist Nico Damou- lianos. ‘’The talent showcased here is outstanding. Proggy Nights in Canada is an event you cannot miss!’’

In addition, progressive metal band FRACTAL CYPHER will join the trio on stage during the Montreal show (August 19th) while INFINITE REPEAT will complete the lineup on the Toronto show (August 20th).

CYDEMIND released their debut album Erosion on May 26th while PYRAMID THEOREM will launch their new album Element of Surprise on July 14th. UNIVERSE EFFECTS’ album In the Haze that Surrounds Us released on February 25th 2015.


Tickets for the Quebec City show at Le Cercle are available
here :

Tickets for the Montreal show at Piranha Bar and the Toronto
show at Coalition T.O. will be available at the door.

Québec August 18, 2017 Le Cercle

Montréal August 19, 2017 Piranha Bar

Toronto August 20, 2017 Coalition T.O.

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