ALBUM REVIEW: Killsorrow – Little Something For You To Choke

Art of the Nights Productions - November 2nd 2016

Killsorrow - Little Something To Choke


Killsorrow hail from Poland, a country known for producing some great metal bands over the years. The underground scene is teeming with great talent and this band could have some potential to do some great things with their debut album “Little Something For You To Choke”.


Going through the album it becomes pretty apparent that melody is a strong focus for this band. Even though thrash is being used to describe their sound, Killsorrow have a closer style to groove melodic metal that combines killer riffs and strong melodic overtone. There is also a classic metal feel to a lot of the harmonies which may be where the thrash sound comes in but tempo wise the band sit on mid-tempo groove for pretty much the majority of the songs.

There is also a slight nod to Machine Head’s Rob Flynn in the vocal department and as soon as I think of that band, I start to hear some components of the Bay Area metallers at least from a melody point of view. From the opening track “My Way” with it’s nice breakdowns to tracks like “Farmers Hands”, “Falling” and the title track, it’s melodic groove all the way and fairly consistent through-out.

The consistency however may be one of the album’s weaker points as, at least in the first half of the album, there’s not a lot of variety to keep the listener fully engaged. I did find myself skipping to the second half of the album on further listens as that’s where the album gets stronger and a bit more interesting. The title track certainly has much more energy and is heavier in style before veering off to tracks like “Buried Hope” which features some vocal dynamics with a female voice added to get that Lacuna Coil like range.

Not a bad effort from Killsorrow,  definitely some potential here for the band to expand their sound as seen in some of those more dynamically diverse songs. It’s a combination of classic melodic metal with a touch of modernism thrown in especially in the production department which makes for a decent listen.



Heading Home
My Way
Farmer’s Hands
Of a Weakened Soul
What We’re Praying To
Little Something For You To Choke
Buried Hopes
Angel’s Kiss


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