INTERVIEW: Richard Patrick – Filter


It’s 5am when I make the call to the legendary Richard Patrick of Filter so I am basically half dead and still unsure as to what is going on as I try desperately to full wake. So to be speaking to Richard in this mindset was not only interesting but kinda mindblowing as we discussed not only his latest work “Crazy Eyes”, which has a freaky album cover to boot, but to have some pretty insightful and deep discussions on topics like death, religion and politics. I decided to put up the full audio despite my hilariously monotone mood because I felt this had to be heard, or at the very least, so you can hear his Christopher Walken impression!


Richard: I made a record that’s extremely socially aware but it’s still poetry in lyrics, in melody and heaviness and there’s some bright spots on the record but ultimately it’s just a reflection of where we are. You’ll be able to listen to this record in 20 years and go, maybe things have gotten better, maybe things have gotten worse but it’s still going to be hopefully universally appreciated through the ages. And that’s what we aim to do as musicians, we want to make something that is there.


Listen to the interview below:

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