Dust Bowl Jokies – Dust Bowl Jokies

Rodeostar / SPV - April 22nd 2016

Preceded by the single ‘Lulu’ Dust Bowl Jokies (awful name for a great band) follow up their seriously good debut album with a second-up that is even better.

In truth the new album is as accomplished as it is diverse, but it still has those discernible sleaze and glam rock influences of the debut to the fore. If you hold that thought and add to that sound elements of rock, jazz, blues and even African music all channelled by way of Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones and you get the general idea.

With real grit, great groove and some impressive vocals The Jokies delivers an album that sounds ‘big’. There’s nothing half-hearted about the approach and from the first moments of ‘Mam Cocha’ you pretty much know you have a winner if they can just sustain it. And sustain it they do, whether it’s on the soaring ‘The Moon Hanger Groove’, or the straight ahead rockers like ‘Borderland’ and ‘Rawbone’, or even the country groove of a song like ‘Old Fashioned Country Canvas’ or the balladic simplicity of ‘Son of the Sun’.

Best of all are the moments when they let it all ride like the groove and riff stew of ‘Bad Juju’, or the surefooted single ‘Lulu’ which is a modern sleazy party anthem in waiting. We love these guys and you will too.

Mama Cocha
The Moon Hanger Grove
Old Fashioned Country Canvas
Pink Flamingos
Bad Juju
Hogs N Heifers
Son Of The Sun

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