Colour of Noise – Colour of Noise

Townsend Music - December 4th 2015

OK so you can tell by the name that this band doesn’t hail from the US, and though there’s a nice vintage rock vibe to the sound there’s enough pop nous and colour to make this more than just a retro release.

‘Can You Hear’ me encapsulates the album nicely with a great groove, strong chorus and enough alt cool and biting guitar to confuse even the most genre-conscious ‘generation-now’ hipster into humming along with the real rockers. ‘Can’t Take it With You’ unleashes a huge groove and vocals that sift the ages and add a real soulful vocal that has more than enough presence to make another memorable stab at real classic rock revival immortality.

‘Medicine Man’ just cements that feeling with a huge bluesy sound and great groove before ‘Head On’ takes you on a long winding guitar-driven ride. With members including ex-members of Little Angels (Bruce John Dickinson on guitar), Furyon (Mat Mitchell, vocals) and The Jeevas (Randy Nixon, drums) there’s plenty of miles on the clock and it shows in both the chops and the sheer force of the material.
The rest of the album is equally as memorable with the Rose Tattoo meets Golden Earring engine of ‘Drive it Like You Stole It’ pleasing the rockers and ‘You Only Call Me’ getting the fists pumping faster.

Best of all though are probably the closing pair (though nothing disappoints): ‘Rock Bottom’ which chugs like vintage AC/DC and the very best – closer ‘Great Day For Rock N Roll’ which channels Zeppelin beautifully and memorably.

This is fine, damned fine.

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