Russian Math Metal / Djent Samadhi Sitaram release new video “Qliphoth”

Russian math metal / djent band Samadhi Sitaram have posted a new video for their track “Qliphoth” off their latest album “KaliYuga Babalon” released by Sliptrick Records this past July. The video is full of Kabbalistic symbolism and is for those who strive to immerse themselves into the depths of music, rhythm and eternal philosophical ideas.


Samadhi Sitaram is Russian conceptual metal band blending genres of djent, groovecore, deathcore and mathcore. Formed in 2016, the band has quickly become known among metalheads and listeners for their out of this world music plus thought provoking and unusual videos. Their debut album ‘Cyber Harmony’ along with first 3 video clips got great feedback from medias such as rock-magazines like “Bunker”, “Atmosfear”, “OR’Zine”, “Terroraiser” and “EQ Journal”. In March 2017, the band was one of the headliners of the closing ceremony of the Moscow Horror Movies Festival “Kaplya (Drop)” and reached the #7 spot of the Russian ROKK-charts in Spring 2017.

Signing with European label Sliptrick Records to release the second full length album ‘KaliYuga Babalon’. The album tells the story of the era of moral, ethic and spiritual decay, the time to which all humanity now comes according to the prophecy of the Srimad Bhagavatam 12th chapter scripture, the continuation and consummation of HYPOSTASIS “Creation – Destruction” or the formula I.A.O. [Birth – Death – Renaissance].

Track Listing:
1. Intro (2:08)
2. Kali-Yuga (2:49)
3. The Death of A Stone (3:11)
4. Apotheosis (3:58)
5. Q.Prelude (1:39)
6. Qliphoth (4:28)
7. Orgy (Ritual Babalon) (16:09)
8. Shangri La (5:32)

 Samadhi Sitaram
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