Kepler Ten announce debut album, release video single 'Time and Tide'
Posted by Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 07 2017 15:28:50

Kepler Ten are a new and powerful melodic and progressive hard rock band featuring three excellent musicians from Southampton, UK.

The band recently announced their signing to White Star Records which is co-founded by Chris Hillman, and John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*, Lonely Robot). Their expertise and enthusiasm in the progressive rock world saw them discover Kepler Ten’s unique take on the genre, fusing prog, rock, and psychedelic soundscapes, allowing them to appeal to a wide audience.

Kepler Ten's new music video single for 'Time and Tide' is out now.

You can view it here:

Time and Tide is a powerful melodic slice of prog rock that was produced by James Durand from the band in their own Echo Base Studio in Hampshire and then mixed by renowned producer John Mitchell in his Outhouse Recording Studio.

Steve Hales who wrote the lyrics for this song, says this about the track -

‘No matter how in control of our lives we feel when it comes to the passing of time we are merely passengers. Our journey is flagged along the way by important personal moments such as falling in love but metaphorically the same powerful tide that brings two people together can in the blink of an eye tear them apart (in the song through illness). Whether you call it fate, probability or just dumb luck it's still outside of our control and there is no way that we can ever stop the clock or turn it back for a second chance. The song is sad but the message is not. Don't take anything for granted and make the absolute best of those good times. Fly their flags high!’

Kepler Ten’s debut album ‘Delta-v’ was mixed and mastered by John Mitchell and will be released on February 10th 2017 via White Star Records.

Album artwork and tracklisting to be announced in due course.

With Steve and James coming from a progressive rock background and Richie providing a harder, heavier rock guitar the band influences are diverse. Muse, Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Van Halen and even some Queen.