Rock Gone Wild - Gone?
Posted by Digg on August 08 2009 14:26:24

It looks like it may be bad news for music fans headed to Iowa this month for Rock Gone Wild. The Rockpit has many friends with tickets but it looks like RGW may well not take place this year.

The festival looks like it will no longer be going ahead: trying to reach the website today the site is gone and a brief message is all that remains...

Extended News

Press Release August 7, 2009 4:52 pm CST. Rock Gone Wild, an Iowa based LLC was informed by Diamond Jo Casino, LLC legal counsel on August 5, 2009, that ?the event cannot take place anywhere on the licensed premises?. Due to Diamond Jo Casino, LLC refusing to honor its obligation to provide the venue, we are unable to produce the event as planned. This matter has been referred to legal counsel.

All inquires should be addressed to: Sporer & Flanagan, PC Law Firm Attn: Ted Sporer Email:

Sad news for all involved, my heart goes out to all those fans who purchased tickets and were really looking forward to rocking out.