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Monster Magnet play Fremantle Metros 10.9.09
· Mark on September 09 2009 19:30:36

That's tomorrow people of Perth and Freo- we hope to see you all there. If you are that way inclined then send us your reviews that way we can have a couple of beers, and you can get your name up here on the Rockpit!

Thunder sign off with a DVD
· Mark on September 09 2009 19:27:26

It's in the bag and ready for pre-order. Thunder's document to their final ever UK tour is in the can. Entitled: Thunder ? At The End Of The Road ? Live In London

You can get your copy from:

Angel's original bassist passes away
· Mark on September 09 2009 19:25:10

I know I am a little late, but I've been hitting the Angel albums hard since I heard the sad news of the passing of Angel's original bassist Mickie Jones.?I will always remember hearing his work especially on the pompier 'Angel' and 'Helluva band' with great fondness. RIP Mickie, thoughts go out to his family.

Ace news for Ace fans
· Mark on September 09 2009 19:18:40

the release of Ace Frehley's latest CD is almost upon us. For those of us who used to paint our faces back in the day and have already pre-ordered, or for those of you out there not sure what to expect check out the entire album in streaming format a week before the offivial release! All thanks to the great man's website.

website link:

There are also links on the site to order autograhed copies if you are suitably impressed!

streaming audio:

Metallica calms monkeys!!
· Shane on September 07 2009 11:37:36
General News

The Telegraph group in London report that a group of cottontop tamarin monkeys have been played music from a variety of aretists including Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis & Bach, but it was only thrash legends Metallica who elicited a reaction from the primates.

A psychology professor, Charles Snowdon, has been studying how monkeys use tone, pitch and other auditory signals to express emotions, and found that "Monkeys interpret rising and falling tones differently than humans.? Oddly, their only response to several samples of human music was a calming response to the heavy metal band Metallica"

Sounds about right to me - I get a lot more agitated listening to mindless pop than I do to good solid metal!

KISS to break the SONIC BOOM
· Shane on September 07 2009 11:32:55
General News

KISS are set to release their new album SONIC BOOM on October 6th.? The band have been quoted as saying they were recording an album in the style of their classic seventies records, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with 11 years after their very dissappointing Psycho Circus album.

In the US and Canada the album will be available exclusively at Walmart stores, including as a triple disc package with an album of Kiss Klassics and a Live DVD.

See the track list below...

· Shane on September 07 2009 11:26:33
General News

Ozzy Osbourne's long awaited biography is set to be released on 1st October with The Ozzman doing a week of publicity and signings in England.? C

We can't wait to read how much he can remember of his days in Sabbath, playing solo with Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee & Zakk Wylde among many others, and (hopefully) the inside story on the life of this legend.

A spokesperson for his UK publishers has stated that the book is "fantastic, very much in the tone of his voice, very funny and a very full story", so let's hope that is the case and not just marketing speak!

Rest assured we will review this tome as soon as we get our hands on it.

Heaven's basement lose bassist
· Mark on September 07 2009 10:06:06

Some things just don't make any?sense at all. For years now I've been a big fan of the band now known as Heaven's basement -?previously?called Roadstar and before that Hurricane party. All of their releases to date have been spot on driving hard rock but these guys can't catch a break. So it was sad to hear that Rob Randell their long-time bassist has decided to go his own way. Good luck to both him and the band. Check them out if you can- you won't be disappointed

Aerosmith are not splitting up
· Mark on September 07 2009 00:33:23

Joe Perry was at work today again denying rumors, this time of the demise of Aerosmith. We all know there's been a lot of speculation out there since Steven's fall from that Sturgis stage cut short their US Tour but is news in the camp really that slow they have to keep denying things they read on Twitter? Let's hear about Steve's recovery, Joe's new album and when we're likely to see the boys back in the studio... Just a thought.