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WINTERSUN - announce new studio album!
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 05 2017 00:24:47

The time has come. The masters of melodic death symphonies are finally back. In 2017, almost five years after the release of their mindblowing creation »Time I«, WINTERSUN will bring snow and storms all accross Europe again and announce the completion of the recording of their upcoming third studio album. On this yet untitled record, the Finns alongside song writingmaster Jari Mäenpää once again break the boundaries of metal and add a new and majestic twist to the history of music. Here is what you can expect for 2017, in the band's own words - be prepared for the end of a long wait and for... "it":

It's 2017 folks, and it's going to be a great year! Time for some big WINTERSUN news? Yes, it is!
When we said that "IT IS DONE", we did not mean »Time II«, but we meant a NEW ALBUM for sure! »Time II« won't be the next WINTERSUN album, because of reasons you already know from past updates and interviews.

So what is IT? IT is a NEW ALBUM and it is 100% done! And no, that's not the name of the album. This album will be something new and different, but equally great or perhaps even better in some ways. Over 53 minutes of solid WINTERSUN material (with no intro tracks) and with a killer concept!

This album will be THE 3rd FULL LENGTH WINTERSUN album. We will release the name of it soon and other details such as the track list etc. We're gonna start putting the pieces of the puzzle together for you guys, how it's going to be released and what will happen... It will be a whole new experience! It will all make sense to you very soon! 

And this album is not the only thing we've done, not by a long shot! In fact your minds will be blown soon! That is a guarantee. So click the notifications ON in our WINTERSUN page, if you don't want to miss out on the new album! (Because of Facebook algorithm reach limit). THANKS GUYS!
- Wintersun

Also like our personal pages for some extra updates and fun:

In the meantime you can witness the band's return to the stage at the following festivals:

07. - 10.06.         S            Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
30.06. - 02.07.   FIN          Helsinki - Tuska Open Air
11. - 13.08.         P            Vagos - Vagos Metal Fest
16. - 19.08.         D            Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze
18. - 19.08.        SK           Zvolenská Slatina - More Than Fest

Order WINTERSUN's first studio album or »Time I« in our shop:

Not familiar with WINTERSUN yet? Check out the bombastic tracks from their last albums here:
'Beyond The Dark Sun' (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO):

More info:

IGNITOR releases "Years of War Collection" box set featuring first five recorded albums.
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:57:33

IGNITOR, the Austin, Texas based true metal titans featuring iconic vocalist Jason McMaster have released the limited edition "Years of War Collection" box set which includes five cds spanning 10 years. The box set consists of their legendary debut "Take to the Sky", "Road of Bones", "The Spider Queen", "Year of the Metal Tiger" and for the first time ever, a cd version of their classic covers album "Mixtape 85". Also included for a limited time, a live bonus DVD of Ignitor's performance from the 2005 Keep it True Festival in Germany, as well as a limited edition back patch.


Ignitor vocalist Jason McMaster has checked in with the following comment:


"Finally, you can get the history of Ignitor's first five music releases, all in one kick ass box set. It is really cool to have all the band's chronological releases in one place including our never before released on cd old school classic covers album "Mixtape 85". It was a ton of fun organizing this set with all worldwide true metal fans in mind.


"Years of War Collection"


Ignitor - "Take To The Sky" (2004)


Ignitor's first record. It was recorded at the end of 2003 and released through CD Baby. This is where it all began and is an example of a band doing what they love. When Germany’s Rock Hard magazine named it "Demo of the Month," we figured we were on to something.


1. Demon Slayer
2. Execution
3. The Grey Ghost
4. Take To The Sky
5. The Last King Tiger
6. Lean Mean Leather Machine


Ignitor - "Road of Bones" (2007)


This is Ignitor's second record, the last to feature Erika on vocals and the only to feature Annah Moore on guitar. It was recorded in the summer of 2006 and released in 2007. This is a great record that never got the chance to be properly promoted. Unfortunately, Erika left the band the week it was released, leaving Ignitor unable to play until a new singer was found.


1. Intro
2. Road Of Bones
3. Scarlet Enigma
4. March To The Guillotine
5. Wings Of The Blackheart
6. Hymn Of Erin
7. Phoenix
8. Broken Glass
9. Castle In The Clouds
10. God Of Vengance
11. Reinheitsgebot


Ignitor - "The Spider Queen" (2009)


This is Ignitor's third record and the first to feature Jason McMaster on vocals and the return of Beverly Barrington. It was recorded and released in 2009. The Spider Queen is a concept album following the traditional "boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a giant spider that's also his mother, boy's grandmother kills girl, boy kills grandmother" format. We still don't know why some people didn't "get" the story. This album diverged a little from the true metal ideal as Batlord was inspired by long form rock 'n roll works including "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Flash Gordon."


1. Magnum Opus
2. Evil Calling
3. I Never Knew
4. The Games Begin
5. Angels Descend
6. The Spider Queen
7. Rune Of Power
8. What Love Denies
9. Construct of Destruction
10. My Heart Turns To Dust
11. Dynasty Of Darkness


Ignitor - "Year of the Metal Tiger" (2012)


This is Ignitor's fourth record. It was recorded in 2011 and released in the spring of 2012. We really got back to basics on this one: no ballads, a guitar solo in every song, no over-arching conceptual storyline to confuse the instant gratification addicted. Just classic metal by metalheads for metalheads.


1. Heavy Metal Holocaust
2. Beast In Black
3. Raiders Of The Void
4. Shadow Of The Needle
5. Island Of The Damned
6. The Kaiser
7. We Are Ignitor


Ignitor - "Mixtape 85" (2013)


This is Ignitor's last recorded output released in 2012. It is a compilation of Ignitor playing our favorite classic metal tunes. Super fun and a must have for all metalheads, it embodies the excitement of the old school 80's metal experience.


1. Deathrider (Anthrax cover)
2. Fast As A Shark (Accept cover)
3. Violence And Force (Exciter cover)
4. Into The Coven (Mercyful Fate cover)
5. Witching Hour (Venom)
6. Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest cover)
7. A Lesson In Violence (Exodus cover)
8. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)


Ignitor - "Years of War Collection" box set purchase link

Ignitor - "No Sanctuary" video link


For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official websites:


Official Ignitor website

Official Ignitor Facebook page

American true metal band MALICE announce the "Slaying The Dragon" Southwest US tour with CAGE on selective dates.
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:55:19

Minneapolis, Minnesota based true metal band MALICE announce their "Slaying The Dragon" Southwest US tour with CAGE on selective dates.


Malice bassist RayMan James has checked in with the following comment:


ln a couple of weeks, Malice will bring the fight for heavy metal to the southwestern US on their "Slaying the Dragon" tour. We will be playing brand new songs off the band's upcoming 2nd album such as "Slaying the Dragon", "SwordMetal" and "Wheels of Steel", as well as songs that Malice fans have grown accustom to hearing at the live shows from our 2014 debut album "Triumph And Glory". Along the way, Malice will be playing a charity show in Las Vegas to raise money and awareness in the fight against human trafficking, a cause that the members of Malice have been very passionate and outspoken about. In addition, we will also be filming the new Malice music video while on tour. Malice is pleased to announce that power metal kings CAGE will be joining them for two shows on the tour, in their hometown of San Diego and the charity fund raiser against human trafficking in Las Vegas where they will showcase songs from their latest 7th album "Ancient Evil". This is a call to arms for all soldiers of steel to join Malice in the fight for pure heavy metal! Let the Battle begin.


"Slaying The Dragon" Southwest US tour dates


1/20/17 - House of Metal (Malone's) - Santa Ana, CA (with GRAHAM BONNET)
1/21/17 - Frogees - Apple Valley, CA (with KANTATION)
1/22/17 - The Lexington - Downtown Los Angeles, CA
1/23/17 - Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA (with CAGE)
1/25/17 - The Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV (with CAGE)
1/27/17 - Club X - Salt Lake City, UT
2/13/17 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN (with LORDI)


Promotional Video - Malice - "Sons of Rock"


For the latest band news and show dates, visit the official MALICE website and Facebook page:


Official Malice website

Official Malice Facebook page

Official Cage website

Official Cage Facebook page


Subject: 📺 Shadowqueen new single Unconditional out today!
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:52:11

Melbournian rockers Shadowqueen kick off 2017 with a bang by unveiling a brand new single and video for ‘Unconditional’, a second offering that follows on from first taster
'Waiting On You', taken from their forthcoming sophomore album.

The uncompromising three piece consisting of Robbi Zana (vocals/bass), Si Hopman (guitar) and Alex Deegan (drums) have been garnering the support of punters and industry alike since the release of their self-titled album in 2012.

Robbi says of the new track, "I feel the term 'Unconditional Love' is used way too flippantly in our society, so our video for 'Unconditional' is a fun tongue in cheek look at how people can be so frivolous in believing in affection without any limitations on a relationship."

Opening for much loved artists such as ShihadThe Butterfly Effect and King Parrot while receiving attention across radio formats from Unearthed to Triple M to specialist online stations, Shadowqueen are delivering crushing riffs, seismic choruses and undeniable groove with absolute conviction.

Memorable choruses and cleverly woven arrangements showing there's a deep well of creativity..." Classic Rock Magazine

'Unconditional' is out Tuesday January 3 via all good digital retailers

Metal United Down Under 2017: Save The Date
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:50:05

This year's Metal United Down Under in Australia will take place on September 16th 2017 across the country. 2016's Festival was a huge success with numerous cities, venues and bands involved in the making.

For more info head to

Metal United Down Under is an initiative to create a united event with many Australian cities and the wide range of metal and metal related genres. Everybody who is involved in metal can participate. The event consists of 10-15 shows in different cities in the same day under the MUDU banner. MUDU offers bands a stage to extend reach and fan base and targets specifically Australian underground metal bands.

PAIN - new video for "Coming Home" released
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:38:19

The Swedish metal force PAIN, led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, LINDEMANN), just revealed a new video clip for the titletrack "Coming Home", out of their current record.
The clip includes filmed material from PAIN's latest word tour, directed by Zoran Bihac. "He was following us for a few gigs on the Europe tour, filming and kept some great pics, enjoy", adds Peter Tägtgren.  

Watch it here:

Don't miss PAIN live 2017:

02. - 06.02.     USA     Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 70000 Tons Of Metal
03.03.             S         Umeå - House of metal 
09.06.             FIN      Vantaa - Rock Fest
13. - 16.07.     CZ        Vizovice - Masters Of Rock
23. - 29.07.     SLO      Tolmin - Metaldays
16. - 19.08.     S          Falun - Sabaton Open Air

Order your copy of »Coming Home« here:
Or the digital version here:

More on »Coming Home«:
'Call Me' (feat. Joakim Brodén (SABATON)) OFFICIAL VIDEO:
'Designed To Piss You Off' OFFICIAL VIDEO:
'Black Knight Satellite' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:
Track-By-Track #1:
Track-By-Track #2:
Track-By-Track #3:
Album Trailer I:
Album Trailer II:
Album Trailer III:

More info:

FOREVER STILL - unveil video for acoustic version of 'Miss Madness'
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:36:23

Young modern metal hopes FOREVER STILL just recently finished their big European tour with LACUNA COIL and barely caught their breath again, but they're already out to conquer the new year 2017. With this new video, showing a haunting acoustic version of their latest hit 'Miss Madness', they want to thank the fans for their support in 2016. Watch the clip with lead singer Maja Shining on the piano here:

This special version of the rock ballad is available as bonus track on their latest album »Tied Down«. "We want to start the year by saying a big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us in 2016 by kicking off 2017 with a video for the acoustic version of "Miss Madness". We hope that you’ll enjoy it and that 2017 will become a most wonderful year for each and everyone of you", revelas singer Maja Shining.

The Danes are currently working on new live dates and are already confirmed for "When Copenhell Freezes Over" festival in Copenhagen on January 28th - more shows will be announced soon!

In the meantime you can order »Tied Down« as digipak with three additional tracks (including the acoustic version of 'Miss Madness'!) and one bonus DVD here in our shop:

The digital version is available here:
Amazon MP3:
Google Play:

More on »Tied Down«:
Watch 'Save Me' here:
'Scars' (video clip):
'Miss Madness' (video clip):
Trailer #1:
Trailer #2:
Trailer #3:

More info:

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - kick off their first European headline run this week!
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 03 2017 19:31:04

On Saturday, symphonic death metal masters, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, will kick off their first European headline run at Backstage, Munich (D)! The Italians will bring a brand-new show for this upcoming trek. Support will come from Dutch horror metallers CARACH ANGREN and also Italian-based symphonic death metallers in NIGHTLAND. This unique live experience shouldn't be missed - grab your tickets now! All dates can be found below!

Check out the tour trailer:

»King« - European Tour 2017

07.01.  D         Munich - Backstage
08.01.  A          Graz - Explosiv
09.01.  SLO      Ljubljana - Orto Bar
10.01.  H         Budapest - Dürer Kert
11.01.  A          Vienna - Arena
12.01.  CZ        Prague - Futurum
13.01.  D         Cham - L.A.
14.01.  CH       Zurich - Dynamo
15.01.  F          Dunkerque - 4 Ecluses
16.01.  NL        Nijmegen - Doornroosje
17.01.  NL        Eindhoven - Dynamo
18.01.  F          Paris - Le Petit Bain
19.01.  UK       London - Underworld
20.01.  B          Vosselaar - Biebob
21.01.  D         Lindau - Vaudeville
22.01.  F          Annecy - Le Brise Glace
24.01.  E          Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
25.01.  E          Madrid - Arena
26.01.  E          Bilbao - Stage Live
27.01.  F          Nantes - Le Ferrailleur
28.01.  F          Metz - Haunting The Chapel

More tour dates:

01./02.04.       UK       Edinburgh - Heavy Scotland Festival NEW!
14./15.07.       S          Gävle - Gefle Metal Festival

Order »King« here:
Get the digital version here:

»King« was produced by Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK), with the help of recording engineer Marco Mastrobuono. The stunning artwork was created by acclaimed contemporary artist Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, ICED EARTH, KATAKLYSM, HATEBREED).

Falls Festival Lorne Statement January 1, 2017
· Andrew Schizodeluxe on January 01 2017 15:09:59

UPDATE: Falls Festival Lorne Statement January 1, 2017.

Message from Falls Festival Co Producer Jessica Ducrou:

Having just finished the Falls Festival in Lorne with campers now on their way home, we want to further address the incident that occurred on Friday 30th December in the Grand Theatre.

With over 20 years of experience running festivals behind us, we are completely devastated by the crowd crush that occurred with patrons exiting The Grand Theatre, and we are beyond shattered that a number of our festival patrons were injured and impacted by this event.

We care so very much about your experience at Falls, we spend countless hours planning the Falls Festival year-round, with dedicated teams specifically focused on each event site. Patron safety is of paramount importance to us and having to address such a serious situation is very distressing for all. Despite 24 years of successful operation of Falls Lorne, a confluence of events resulted in a serious incident that will require an investigation into the various contributing factors which will take some weeks to determine, but please be assured it is our utmost priority.

We are currently trying to make contact with any patrons who were injured, but for privacy reasons we are unable to access patient names and records. For those of you affected, we would ask you to message us via or our Falls Facebook page, so we can get in touch with you.

To those that were affected, on behalf of The Falls Festival, we would like to apologise and let you know that we are deeply upset by this incident and your experience.

We would also like to take this opportunity to clear up some of the misinformation that has been appearing in the media. Patron safety is paramount to Falls, we spend a lot of time engaging with local authorities, emergency services, on a local and State level, specialist consultants, local and State Council and various other community services to ensure we are offering the safest environment for our patrons. Thanks to the level planning and support from those parties, The Falls Festival in Lorne has had an impeccable safety record for the past 24 years.

  • There were 15 security guards stationed at the Grand Theatre stage at the time of the incident, who responded along with a number of event staff as soon as the situation became apparent.
  • The Grand Theatre programming was immediately suspended on Friday night, amendments were made to the area before programming resumed on the 31st.
  • A number of years ago a permanent 23m x 12m medical structure was built on the site to make patrons who needed medical attention as comfortable as possible and provide medical staff with a safe, reliable, robust, working space.
  • This is located a 100m walk From the Grand Theatre
  • Falls has staff numbers on site from Ambulance VIC and Event Medical Services Australia, that sits beyond the resources recommended by the services, all of which is paid for directly by the festival. We also have user pays Police and Event Fire Services Australia resources always on site.
  • Teams from the Salvation Army are also on hand at all times to assist patrons.
  • We implemented a comprehensive communications strategy on site to our patrons and also to the public, that was fully supported by Craig Lapsley – Emergency Management Commissioner. That includes the below:
    • We set up a patron email hotline –
    • Free phone lines were available to patrons in the main arena to call home.
    • Push notifications to the festival phone app were made notifying people of services available / super screen messages were in place.
    • Updates on all socials / news post on our website.
    • Encouraged all patrons on site to reach out to loved ones via all of these outlets to let them know they were ok.
    • Provided two teams of counsellors on site to assist patrons.
    • Teams were, and still are, on hand to respond to all emails as they come through as well as Facebook messages to our main and event pages, twitter and instagram.

There will be a full debrief of the incident and an investigation into what the causes were which will update you all on, as soon as we have that outcome.

Injured patrons please contact us via or our Falls Facebook page, so we can connect.