The Rockpit was created in 2009 to fill a gap that we saw in music reporting. Too many websites out there either ignored the music we loved or were heavily genre-based and excluded some really cool music. We also found it really hard to find review sites that would look as deeply at the local live music scene as they did at the international and national scenes.

Over the first few years of existence we have grown from a site that attracted a few thousand of the curious to literally thousands of new readers every day. We would quote a figure but to be honest since August 2012 those numbers have increased every week, as has our mailing list. These days we have more readers in the US and Europe than we do in Australia and we hope that market as well as our growing European readership will continue to increase.

In recent years The Rockpit has seen a major progression of the company that now includes more media outlets including podcasts, video’s as well as a focus on PR services for bands and labels looking to promote their music and bands and the introduction of the new Rockpit Records & Management to help guide the careers of up and coming artists. But the things that helped push the company to success like interviews, reviews and supporting local bands is an important aspect which will always be retained.

The Rockpit has always been the baby and brainchild of Mark Rockpit from day one, and now that we finally have the right team on board things will just continue to get bigger and better. We rely on one person for that – you, and without you taking the time to read an article here or a review there we would be wasting our time. Long live Rock and Roll!


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