The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
The Rockpit - Hard Rock and Metal Interviews, News and Reviews from around the World

The Rockpit was created in 2009 to fill a gap that we saw in music reporting. Too many websites out there either ignored the music we loved or were heavily genre-based and excluded some really cool music. We also found it really hard to find review sites that would look as deeply at the local live music scene as they did at the international and national scenes.

Over the first few years of existence we have grown from a site that attracted a few thousand of the curious to literally thousands of new readers every day. We would quote a figure but to be honest since August 2012 those numbers have increased every week, as has our mailing list. These days we have more readers in the US and Europe than we do in Australia and we hope that market as well as our growing European readership will continue to increase.

2015 has seen a major progression of the company that now includes more media outlets including podcasts, video's as well as a focus on PR services for bands and labels looking to promote their music and bands and the introduction of the new Rockpit Records & Management with a few bands already added to the roster. But the things that helped push the company to success like interviews, reviews and supporting local bands is an important aspect which will always be retained.

The Rockpit has always been the baby and brainchild of Mark Rockpit from day one, and now that we finally have the right team on board things will just continue to get bigger and better. We rely on one person for that - you, and without you taking the time to read an article here or a review there we would be wasting our time. Long live Rock and Roll!


Bands, promoters or labels wishing to submit hard copy material for review are invited to send CDs, DVDs, press packs or anything else to us at thefollowing address. Please note this is and always has been the ONLY official ROCKPIT postal address.

The Rockpit
PO Box 1415
Perth 6027

If you wish to send electronic copies please follow the submission process found in our contacts page HERE.

Bands, venues or promoters can contact us at digg[at] Just hook us up with the appropriate passes and we will be happy to shoot and review your event. We have contributors in Western Australia and the US (and are seeking more contributors worldwide). If desired we can supply you with a selection of shots you can use on your site or in promotional material and of course we will review the gig here at

If you would like the Rockpit to interview your band or think that we should seriously check out a certain new band out there then contact digg[at] with your details

The Rockpit is proud to introduce our record label and band management. As a continuation of supporting local music, we offer services that include the distribution and promotion of bands and their music in a much more focused effort than before in addition to band management that includes using our key contacts to setup tours and get your music out to the public and even through other international distributors and labels. Contact us HERE to find out more on how to get your band added to our roster which can also be seen HERE.

Drive more traffic and attention to your business or band by advertising with us. We offer reasonable rates and can provide various options on how and where to advertise through The Rockpit. Contact us at digg[at] for further info.

Branding is the hardest part of running any kind of business and when you're too busy being creative or taking care of the day to day work, you might need a little help getting your name heard by your target market. We offer affordable rates for bands, promoters, record labels and any other rock-related business, and our network of freelance professionals can help spread awareness of your band or business to the world. For more info CLICK HERE.

If you're a band, a promoter or a Street Team who think we should check something out, then just send us the info!