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I love the Wam, since they first hit in 2005 they have been a great source of fun and some infectiously catchy melodic Rock and Roll. The release of ‘Non Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll’ has to be my highlight of the year so far. Very like The Poodles in style this album sees the band taking it to ‘Eleven’ as Nigel Tufnell would say. That’s ‘Eleven’ on the scale of ‘catchy can’t stop singing along melodic rock’ of course.

As soon as ‘Do You Want to Taste It’ starts you know you’re in for a treat and after it’s finished you know it’s going to be a great ride. There’s a hint of Queen creeping in as the band mature and that can only be a good thing. In fact as the album progresses you notice that a certain air of refinement has crept in to the music. They are still a lively fun bunch of ‘Glam Bang Party Rock and Rollers’ but now you feel that they occasionally sip at the champagne rather than just coat the room in it. It’s not as much the sound has changed but rather it has evolved since we heard the essential ‘Wig Wamania’ back in 2007.

‘C’mon Everybody’ is a case in point. It is a great song, catchy as a song can be without being classified a drug, but more of a classic hard rock sing-along than a wigged out party anthem (though I’m sure it is also the latter live!).

The quality is apparent on every track: ‘Still I’m Burning’ sees Teeny take vocal duties and it’s a bit of a shock really, initially it doesn’t sound much like Wig Wam at all but again it’s the playing down of the overall sound on the album not just this track that signals a change of emphasis. Cool song very catchy indeed and a little bit different, it all makes for a good mix.

My favourites on the album have to be the opener (their first single); the title track which is a nice driving Van Hagar-like master class; and the massive monster from another time ‘Rocket Through my Heart’.

But it doesn’t stop there: ‘Chasing Rainbows’ could well be the best track on the album. Somehow Wig Wam has managed to create a living fire-breathing creature from the essence of Def Leppard and Lita Ford at her most melodic. Mmm – special!

‘Gotta Get It On’ the last track rocks – I’d hate to be in the country where this ‘bonus track’ isn’t included on the release. In fact on the entire album only ‘From Here’ really doesn’t get me there!

Where this sits in the order of greatness in the Wig Wam catalogue I’m still not sure. Give me a month! But for a band that have always made great records in the past the good news is that nothing’s changed. Better than the Poodles? Who knows? The good news is that we have both… A great album.

Album of the month for January.