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This CD is getting a lot of good press so I thought that I would see what the fuss is about. Jeff Scott Soto has a good voice but to be honest I’ve never really liked much of the stuff he’s put out over the years. Some Talisman was cool, I loved the Queen thing he did, but on the whole it’s all a bit too glossy and syrupy for me.

‘Invincible’ the first song on the CD is a case in point. It’s nice, it’s glossy, it’s syrupy but where’s the potatoes? I love a good bit of melody as much as the next man but it has to have a hook and a bit of danger, otherwise I’ll take Rick Springfield every time.

The actual music on this album is pretty muted really, it’s nice but it’s very much the soft cushions that the voice rests upon. ‘One Love’ again is a nice song but there’s no killer hook. It’s the sort of thing you might whistle to but you won’t find yourself singing along to.

At one point during ‘Brothers in Arms’ you feel that the song is lifting and you might actually get to that higher place and the song take off, but just as you get to that point instead of going crazy it goes quiet. ‘Comes Down Like Rain’ changes the pace dramatically we’re down from a loping second gear into a gentle first; it could well be the non-medical cure for insomnia…

‘Running from the Heartache’ is a second-rate Journey pastiche.

‘I’ll be There’ on the other hand is more like it. Now we have a bit of energy, even a bit of passion! The song is let down somewhat by a clumsy chorus, but it’s far more like it and certainly going in the right direction. In fact the two tracks that follow probably make up the three best on the album 'Damage is Done’ rocks along OK whilst ‘Put Your Money…’ is again a good song let down by the chorus.

The ballad ‘One Day at a Time’ is as clichéd a ballad you will ever hear, Michael Bolton would have loved it and probably had a hit with it: and if you like that sort of thing you’ll love this. It does have a very good guitar solo well placed in there though.

‘Just Go’ is as heavy as we get and here we not talking particularly heavy at all. Nice song but nothing new. The seemingly endless ‘If I Fall’ starts off pretty pedestrian but develops into quite a song, but is ultimately frustrating that it doesn’t have that something extra and that would be my major criticism of the album - it's well executed but lacking that spark to set it apart.... and sorry but we really didn’t need an acoustic version of ‘Comes Down Like Rain’ to close proceedings…

There have been some great melodic releases this year: Danger Danger and The Poodles stand out along with House of Lords but this isn’t in the same ball park in my humble opinion. This is for all of you out there who thought that “I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner was ‘edgy’…

Maybe I’ve been a little unkind. I would certainly recommend this if you like your soft rock on the soft side. What disappointed me most of all was reading the rave reviews claiming this was the peak of the genre. To be honest it bored me; and if this is considered to be the peak of the genre today by some then that’s great we all have our opinions and in mine the best of the genre is the stuff with a bit of light and shade and some balls.

Lacking the ‘x’ factor, and a bit um... wet (and I told myself I wouldn't do that).