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Let’s face it Vince has put out some solo releases of variable quality over the years. Outside of Motley Crue he’s released some good stuff, but also had some very ordinary output.  Now with what is essentially a covers album with a few originals the question is after all the hype where does this one sit in the scheme of things?


Most may have heard the title track which kicks off the CD. Here Vince seems to be going for an Alice Cooper meets ‘post-grunge rock’ vibe and to be honest while it won’t blow you away at first listen, if you play it loud enough, it is a pretty damn fine song, with a great groove and some lovely guitars.


‘Another Bad Day’ is a nice pop song. I can see why it didn’t make the cut for ‘New Tattoo’, but the Nikki Sixx original is a pretty nice song if a little light on in the surroundings.


Now it’s time for the covers…


‘He’s a Whore’ the Cheap Trick cover has more of an early Crue vibe, and the verse vocal is right off ‘Too Fast For Love’. The song though has a kind of laid back pop vibe and I find myself liking it.


I’m not sure anyone can fuck up a Sweet cover and here Vince turns ‘AC/DC’ into a real Motley Crue party. I’m three tracks into an album I fully expected to over-promise and under-deliver and already I feel like I’ve under-estimated the man. This is starting to rock, and the CD is already cranked up LOUD.


‘Nobody’s Fault’ has always been one of my favourite Aerosmith tracks and one of the heaviest songs they recorded. Ignoring the fact that no-one touches Steven Tyler in my book it’s a decent cover, not adding much to the original but hey, a great song is a great song.


As for the rest of the covers – they are pretty enjoyable and to be honest as covers albums go this is a winner. ‘No Feelings’ the Sex Pistols cover is cool if a little sterile (that’s what you get covering the Pistols); The Scorpions cover ‘Another Piece of Meat’ is great frantic fun; Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s ‘Bitch is Back’ is also pretty cool.


Best of the covers though, for me is the Metalized ‘Viva Las Vegas’ which is just sooo much better than ZZ Top’s version a few years back.


A good album as covers albums go, and great fun but at the end of the day these things are never essential.