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The Story Of Anvil  






Funny, tear-jerking and ultimately triumphant look at a band of brothers who refuse to accept they might be has-beens


There’s a scene in The Story Of Anvil where drummer Rob Reiner states that “The fact that we’re still here and doing it almost has it’s own energy now”, and whilst that has some truth, this reviewer thinks it misses the mark.  The truth is that lead singer and flying V wielder Steve “Lips” Kudlow creates the energy that drives the band to continue.


Far from being just a movie about a Metal band, The Story Of Anvil is a tale of brotherly love through hard times, of optimism in the face of adversity, and even a showcase of the difficulties facing under-capitalised small business-people in a corporate dominated world.  Most of all it’s about a triumph of the spirit, and for that reason alone it should be compulsory viewing to anyone embarking on their own rock journey.


Anvil’s fortunes have ebbed dramatically since the heady days of their first few late 80’s albums, and The Story of Anvil picks up twenty years on, as they embark on a shambolic European tour that descends at times into real-life Spinal Tap territory.


The Spinal Tap references don’t stop there though, as repeated setbacks and rejections hamper Kudlow’s true belief in Anvil, and Reiner’s more measured belief in his best friend.  As they bicker and fight, struggling through the tour and recording sessions, they are buoyed just enough by their true fans to find a way to struggle forward.  Despite the band hanging by a thread more than once, the viewer never has any doubt that these guys are hetero soul-mates and will always stand together against the world (and just occasionally against each other).


Ultimately The Story of Anvil is a heart-warming and emotional tale of a true friendship, belief in one’s path and triumph over adversity.  Even the hardest of headbangers will struggle not to shed a tear at the tribulations and triumphs of these two as they bumble along like a modern day heavy metal Abbot and Costello.  Lips rarely lets the constant setbacks get him down, and the passion, drive & joy that shows on their faces as things finally go right and they find a decent crowd of truly appreciative fans and get some of the adulation they so desperately seek – and believe they deserve – is positively addictive.


The Story of Anvil is a triumph, not only of metal, but of the human spirit – watch it today!