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The Souls Of We - Let The Truth Be Known

The Truth is right here…

There aren’t too many guitarists out there as good as George Lynch – or as prolific, or as underrated. Dokken have never been the same without him on board, and The Souls Of We Is his latest project away from Lynch Mob.


London LeGrand (ex Brides Of Destruction) more than ably backs up George’s work here, and the textured harmony vocals on songs like Skeleton Key bring to mind something altogether darker than either Dokken or Lynch Mob.


George may be known for his work in “hair metal” bands, but there’s hints of the darker, heavier side of Brides of Destruction here, as well as some really grungey sounds – the overall feel is like Lynch Mob in a damp and dark basement jamming with Alice In Chains – especially on Key Of Noise - and it’s this darkness that makes the album so damned appealing.


Ghandi’s Got A Gun and Crawlin had me thinking of Kory Clarke & Warrior Soul, and just when you think the darkness is going to be all pervading, the sun comes out with Adeline: acoustic based and pretty in an almost Janes Addiction kind of way. Not the usual hair metal shredding guitarist check points at all, then!


.Don’t get me wrong – this is very much a melodic hard rock album: the grunge and indie influences are more in inflection and unusual guitar tunings rather than in any new philosophical outlook from the main players; the darkness that runs through the album is more a seam of gold than one of clouds. The cover is a clever riff on the smiling figure of soul-selling bluesman Robert Johnson adorned with huge bat-like wings sitting in front of a desolate landscape of leafless trees, and an alternate cover exists which looks like a Mexican Cinco de Mayo mask – either way, death is a theme throughout and one almost wonders if Lynch has sold his soul the way he plays some blistering leads, especially in instrumental Under the Dead Tree and the album closing title track


With a rumoured Dokken and Lynch Mob co- tour in the works, it remains to be seen if we’ll hear from The Souls Of We again, but Let The Truth Be Known is there to be enjoyed and embraced, darkness and all!