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If ever you get to Las Vegas you really should catch a Sin City Sinners show. I managed to last year and had a great night at the Voodoo Lounge looking out over the Vegas Strip skyline; where after the show Brent was only too happy to chat and talk music. If I get back again anytime soon, I’ll be sure to catch them again, you just never know who is going to be guesting with them. Over the last few years the guys have become a bit of a Vegas legend hosting guests from a multitude of 80’s rock acts and performing sets of rock standards and some original songs.

So now we get a new album of mainly original songs; and the biggest question is what does it sound like? Coming which such a pedigree it was bound to be something a bit special but surprisingly there’s not too much of an echo of the band members past histories.

"Numb" the first track is a good place to start and has been a part of the live show for a while and it’s a great intro to the band with its infectious chorus and driving pace. Stylistically this is cleverly written modern rock with a pop edge to it.

There’s plenty of variety on here though and Todd handles production well, getting great overall sound from the band. “Turn It Up” is a funky little sing-along and "It’s Not You it’s Me" is a Green Day like punk-pop rocker that works well.

I must admit I’m not familiar with the original Donnie Iris version of “Ah! Leah” but it’s a nice enough song if not a little understated. The only other non-Todd Kearns penned or co-written song is “Gotta Girl” which sounds like it will rock it live.

Highlight of the album’ for me at least’ is a coin-toss between “Numb" and “Arianna Incomplete" the latter has had me hitting replay all day long. It’s as catchy as anything on commercial radio and I love the simplicity of the lyrics. The Brent Muscat co-written epic “Big Time Superstar” is a huge Beatles- meets Enuff Z’Nuff meets Oasis sweeping ballad and also immensely memorable.

This may be Todd Kearns baby at the end of the day but it’s a great ride along Fremont Street with the Sinners. It may be on the light side but it caught my mood perfectly, it may be just what you need - treat yourself to a copy now.