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Interview with Jeremy Aric, lead singer

Poets and Pornstars released one of my favourite albums of 2007, a beautiful slab of in-your-face raucous rock and roll, that sounded like the Bacchanalian wailings of all of the Sunset Strip’s lost souls at a party hosted by Keith Richards in 1972... or something like that. It seemed that the Sunset Strip was going to catch alight again.

But two years is a long time in Rock and Roll. Poets have a new singer and a new name RUN DEVIL RUN. In March this year they released a great follow up EP entitled Five by Five.



Hi Jeremy thanks for stopping by at how are you and the guys?

We are fantastic!! thank you :)

We caught your set at the Garden of Evil at Rocklahoma this year. What have you been up to since then, I know you said at the time you were getting straight back into the writing?

We have been writing and writing. we just released our first video for the song “DANCE ALL NIGHT.” we signed with a new management company, Big Electric Management. Things have been good.

In my semi-sober state I remember being particularly impressed with Randy on keys, hell he even wore a tie! Then he picked up a guitar for the closer ‘Rock and Roll’!

It was a good night, but Oklahoma was as hot as hell!

Any funny stories from the road?

Hmm...driving through thunderstorms outside of denver on our way to rocklahoma was interesting. oh and then the night after our phoenix show....actually, ill just stop there, never know whose girlfriend is reading this haha

What are your plans for 2010?

2010 is looking to be very exciting. we will be releasing a new EP, but the way we’ve been writing it may turn into a full length album. we plan on touring more, our management has some cool things lined up. Also i believe Dave will be getting calf implants, so that should be cool

Any chance of anything at Rocklahoma 2010?

Absolutely!! just waiting for the invite :)

Run Devil Run on the set of their Dance All Night video shoot

The CD ‘Five by Five’ is a great introduction to the band; my copy has been played a good few times since July. Presumably the title refers to the fact you are all very involved in producing those five songs?

Oh yes, very much so. everyone in this band is so creative. It’s really a pleasure to play with a group where everyone has something to contribute. Either with writing or vibe, or direction the songs should take.

I love every track (‘click here’ to read the review) but was really captivated by ‘Beautiful Being’ which suggests that there’s an epic side to the band as well as producing some great kick-ass rock and roll.

It really doesn’t sound like you missed a beat: the sound is close to those first 5 tracks on the ‘Poets and Pornstars’ album, with a little more blues and feel (at least to my ear). Even lyrically there’s still that vibe, and the words are more thoughtful that most.

I know that Hal (the original singer of Poets and Pornstars) left the band to take up acting full time. Was the split with the band amicable? I must admit I never read anything about it at the time.

The two sides reached an understanding. At this point, the band views that experience as a “one step back, two steps forward” kind of scenario.

How would you describe the Run Devil Run sound?

A combination of lawlessness, savage animalism and lasciviousness

That's a wonderful description! Like a wolf dancing down Sunset Strip!

Back in 2007 when the P&P CD was released there was a lot of press about the resurgence of the Strip as a Mecca for great rock music, is that still happening? Things seem to have stalled a little?

There is still a lot of great bands and great music there. It just takes some sifting.

Who should we check out next time we are in LA?

We’ve become good friends with a band called WARNER DRIVE, check them out. Also a band called THE BINGES.

How did you come to hook up with the band?

It was rather interesting. A mutual friend of mine was hosting a party with his girlfriend. She was a big supporter of Poets. I was in attendance, as well as the members of Poets. Well as the night rolled on and the liquor flowed people began jamming. The girl begged Hal to come sing a few songs, which he graciously obliged. My friend then begged me to play a few, so I did. According to the band, they all were blown away and never forgot me. When Hal bowed out, I got the call.

What sort of music did you grow up listening to?

I’ve been growing up for a long time. My first memories of music are John Lennon. The “grunge” scene and “hair metal” genres prompted me to also look back and seek out classic rock as well as classical and jazz music. And don’t forget hip-hop.

You don’t act do you?

Haha. No. Why, do you have a part for me? :)

Was it tempting or even possible to keep on using the Poets and Pornstars name?

For us, we all felt, new band, new name.

I see you’ve posted a new video “Dance All Night’ on your myspace, how is the response so far?

The response has been incredible! People have really responded to it. It allows those who have yet to see a RUN DEVIL RUN show to get a taste of what we’re all about. The music, the energy.

How can people contact Run Devil Run and check out their music?

Through our myspace, or our facebook

Many thanks for taking the time to speak with us Jeremy. We can’t wait to hear a full length album in the near future and we hope to catch up with you next time we’re in LA.

Thank you. See you soon


Jeremy Aric speaks to Mark Rockpit (c) 2009