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For those of you who have heard of Poets and Pornstars – this is them. A name change and a change of singer hasn’t slowed them down. In fact if you’ve listened to the ‘Poets’ CD recently then Run Devil Run is the essence of the first five songs on that CD – the more Rock and Roll sound of the band. Now to me that’s great news.

I was lucky enough to catch Run Devil Run live earlier in the year at Rocklahoma and I highly recommend that you do so to if you get the chance. These are five musicians who collectively have a wealth of talent and know how to turn that rock and roll dial up to eleven. This could be the start of something special.

‘Dance All Night’ which kicks off the EP is the subject of the band’s first video. Its infectious bass and keys-driven groove should have you tapping you feet within seconds and dancing even without liquid lubrication. It’s a great opener and a nice introduction to the new singer Jeremy Aric (think Chris Cornell, Ron Young and a lot of soul).

In an EP of great songs ‘California’ is probably my favourite track. Its hypnotic gentle groove starts off like a cool summer breeze and ends up driving down an empty freeway (with the top down) to the bluest of oceans… It is a song that could become a classic if just enough people could hear it. Music with a pounding heart from an ancient age where labels meant nothing and album art was glorious and gatefold.

On of the two rockier songs on offer ‘Strut’ has some absolutely beautiful guitar especially deep in the mix at the breakdown. It somehow manages to capture the essence of bands like Free but RDR applies a soaring timeless groove and some almost trance-inducing background vocals. Listen to the end of the song with eyes closed and tell me this sound shouldn’t be bottled for posterity?

‘Beautiful Being’ has me recalling Bowie at his best. It’s a rolling building epic of a song which Randy sings with real passion. I’ve lived with this song for 4 months now and it never ceases to amaze me. When the guitar kicks in over the keys you know that you are listening to something special. It’s Bowie, it’s Mott it’s all you need to know about 70’s classic rock without the heavy metal crunch; especially the guitar solo which summarises that decade beautifully. There are bands stalking the charts at the moment who dream of writing a song this good.

‘Hey You’ the closer is a solid rocker to close proceedings. Driven along by Sally’s bass and a great guitar, a nice no-nonsense boogie to remind us of the very rock and roll heart of the band.

Run Devil Run could be huge on the strength of what I can see on offer here. This is music with a heart and soul that deserves to be listened to. It’s also a helluva rock and roll band. It’s worth a short prayer of thanks that bands like this still make timeless label-defying music like this. There is no formula for stuff like this: it’s the sound of sweat and dreams hitting the ground together…