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New Generation Superstars
Raising the Stakes (2009)

There a group of bands out there who have the sound. Bands like Canada’s Crystal Pistol, who we haven’t heard from for a while; the UK’s Kid Ego, now sadly disbanded; America’s Dirty Penny and Sweden’s Vains of Jenna who both have new releases out; and the New Generation Superstars. There are of course hundreds more contenders. All have (or had) that undeniable taste of sleaze, all have the requisite ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude, but most importantly all have the songs to take them that little bit further than all the rest (given the right breaks, the right management, right tour, exposure and wind in the right direction). Yeah it’s hard these days to get a break, but is it really any harder than it was in the 80’s when great bands were buried by record companies who had a more marketable and thus more profitable label-mate?

New Generation Superstars first big disadvantage is being English (hello Nottingham!). You can only tour the UK so much and touring outside your home territory is a major operation for a minor label band. Outside Europe it’s all working visas and more and more hassles. Yep it’s hard work just getting noticed, and then when you do it gets harder.

2007’s Crash Course in Rock and Roll and a lot of touring in between that and their new release Raising the Stakes has put their name on a lot of lips. Let’s hope they great the breaks they deserve because if you love that raw and dirty sound then it doesn’t get too much better than these guys.

The album itself starts off where the essential Crash Course in Rock and Roll left off. This is tough-assed rock with a bite-your-face-off punk attitude. At times NGS can sound like the Stooges, the Dolls, Dogs D’Amour, Zodiac Mindwarp and even the Gunners and the Stones; with a drop of Motorhead and the Wildhearts thrown in for good measure. It’s a pretty heady mixture.

The entire album is strong but my personal favourites would have to be the opening track ‘I Won’t Stop’, which kicks things off in a gloriously sleazy way; ‘I Won’t Stop’; ‘Beat ‘Em Down’ and ‘Ain’t got the Time’.

It certainly isn’t an album you’ll listen to and think ‘I’ve never heard that before’ and when you take a look at the guys you’ll have a pretty good idea about what they sound like. What you will get is a band that is hopefully going somewhere and an album full of songs that show that they are as good as, no actually make that probably better than, anyone else around in this genre at the moment.