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One of the coolest of the new melodic-sleaze bands at the moment: Mama Kin have an evolved sound that takes the best of sleaze, melodic rock and even Kiss (or maybe that’s just the singer who sounds uncannily like Paul Stanley) puts them is a blender and hits the ‘full power’ button. What comes out is not as rough around the edges as most, and the mix of the album is crystal clear. It’s like designer sleaze! (hey is that a new label?)

'Badge and a Gun' and the title track really do add a bit of weight to the mid to late eighties Kiss comparison. It’s good stuff, catchy as hell but it does sound very anachronistic. Certainly you get the feeling that Grunge hasn’t happened yet and that if someone mentioned the word nu metal they’d say aluminium…

The cowbell hits on track three, and with the coming of the cowbell all real sleaze leaves the mix, it’s good time sing-along 80’s melodic rock from here on in. This is a band who has evolved their sound over the last few years and what we see here is not the sound of their early demos.

There’s a lot to like here, it’s a very light ‘summer with the top down’ type album rather than a smoky bar album.

Things change further still mid-album: ‘Higher and Higher’ is early 80s melodic rock that sounds like it even predates Ratt. ‘Too Much’ is better but still very much looking backwards at that earlier part of the 80s. The mixed bag of styles continues and to an extent now it’s all down to if you like the hook or not because if you don’t like the smooth sound you are certainly stuffed! ‘Fortune and Fame’ hits but ‘Superman’ is just OK as is ‘You’.

Just to confuse you they end the album with ‘Champagne Chicks and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ which is like great Roxx Gang and the sleaze is back as is my interest. Of the two distinct sounds on offer this to me is the winner. So many bands do the melodic rock so well that Mama Kin are just passable in comparison, but when they rock out and pump out that catchy as hell breakneck speed sleaze few do it better!

I love half this album and the rest, while it may not be quite my cup of tea, certainly shows a band with a lot of potential to go on and do great things. If you love 80s Kiss this is absolutely essential and if you love your melodic rock there are not a lot better out this year.