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Lynch Mob

Smoke and Mirrors

Iíve always admired George Lynch, as a songwriter and as a guitarist, but also as a guy who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of rock music, and who has been on the two occasions Iíve bumped into him, an absolutely lovely and generous man.

Lat time I met George was at a Lynch Mob show back in Perth December last year and at the time he said that there would be some new Lynch Mob music out. Oni Logan sung that night and despite the relatively small crowd the Mob put on a great show (as did Faster Pussycat who supported them before joining the crowd for a few beers, but thatís another story).

Back in the mists of time, after George left Don for the first time the first Lynch Mob album ĎWicked Sensationí threatened to take all of the glory in the George v Don saga Ė it still stands up today as a great record with some killer tunes. When Oni was replaced by Robert Mason for the second CD things werenít the same. Some blamed Robert, some blamed grunge, others blamed the softer style of the songs, the production, you name it. In the context of the times itís easy to understand, the sound changed to try to attain that illusive spot in the mainstream, but the timing was just wrong. The album is still good though, just not a patch on that first one. George of course went on to do all manner of things, Lynch Mob released other material with Robert, a Live Revolution CD that I particularly like and Smoke This which I particularly donít (and personally the only time I didnít really get what George was aiming for).

These days Iím happy and Iím sure George is too that he can essentially do what the fuck he likes! The Souls of We CD (reviewed elsewhere by Shane) is a minor masterpiece. †This CD could well be Lynch Mobís bestÖ

First of all let me say that the band is great on this album, and importantly they sound like a band, not just one of Georgeís house bands. To be fair they have played a few shows together now and it seems to have gelled pretty well. †Oni just sings as if Wicked Sensation was out last year and to be honest shows little signs of wear and tear. Scott Coogan on drums (who met his wife at the Melbourne Brides of Destruction gig I caught a few years back) puts on a great performance and far surpasses what you might have expected from his previous output- well done Sir! Marco Mendoza on bass will be a familiar name to most and lives up to his reputation as one of the best out there. †And George Ė well we really arenít worthy are we?

Thereís certainly a blues-vibe going on here and there and thatís a good thing. Iím reminded in parts of the mighty Badlands especially on tracks like Smoke and Mirrors and Lucky Man. Elsewhere you get the flavours of the late seventies. A kind of funk-swing style kicks in here, at times reminiscent of early Van Halen but the record keeps you thinking and more importantly listening. Funk rears itís head on tracks like Madly Backwards, My Kind of Healer and Revolution Heroes but itís not that overdone funk that was flavour of the week in the late 80ís/early 90s its far more authentic and understated. For guitarists thereís so much going on here to enjoy even I can spot the odd effect and a change of guitar!

As close as we get to Dokken is probably The Phacist which is just a cool song with a great solo. It may be close but itís not vintage Dokken itís somehow airier and more expansive, I like it.†

As for the rest of the tracks, well to be honest thereís no real filler here even the

One thing that strikes you about the CD even after a single listen is that there is a nice smorgasbord of styles at work here; but everything is in moderation, laid back and not in your face. Thereís plenty for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps the most diverse of all Lynch Mob releases and probably the most solid. Production too is excellent.

Best Track? Itís hard but I have to pick Time Keepers Ė it kicks ass and has a great solo; or maybe Lucky Man? Actually wait a minuteÖ


I want more.