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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

With Psychonaut
The Rocket Room, Perth
October 24, 2009


Lord, arising from the ashes of Dungeon on Australia’s East Coast a few years ago, have recently released their latest album Set In Stone, and it’s classic old-school metal which should cement their reputation globally. They came to Perth in support of the album and we caught them on their second and final night’s gig out West.


Locals Neverborn played a set of melodic deaththrash metal to a restrained crowd, whom they repeatedly exhorted to get drunk. A bit more stage presence wouldn’t go astray for these guys, as they mostly looked surprised to be there.


Psychonaut have been stalwarts of the Perth metal scene for years, mixing power metal with touches of thrash, and a delicious sense of humour. Necrophilia and Death To False Metal saw the crowd getting more involved with proceedings, and at times they sounded almost like Metallica jamming with Deep Purple – a heady mix indeed! Set closer Dark Lord – dedicated to tonight’s headliners – wasn’t the Satanic ode expected, but a Star Wars reference to Darth Vader. It’s testament to both the inherent tongue in cheekiness of leader Mike De Vattimo, and the 450 or so gigs the band has played since 1997 that tonight they went down a storm.


Mark De Vattimo of Psychonaut pledging allegience to the Dark Lord

Lord took to the tiny, red velvet curtained corner stage of the Rocket Room like they act in person – devoid of any pretence and totally confident they will succeed in their mission to rock you. And they did so, and then some.


Mark, Andy & Tim of Lord


Guitarist/singer “Lord” Tim Grose is a veteran of long time Aussie metal band Dungeon, and he leads the newer recruits through a fantastic set of Dungeon classics like ‘Resurrection’ and new songs from Lord’s latest album.


The galloping rhythms of drummer Damo Costas and 6 string bass of Andy Dowling are pinned down by Mark Furtner’s expressive guitars, and we can’t speak too highly of Grose’s epic and commanding voice.


For the most part Lord play true – or power – metal, but they’re not afraid to sprinkle a little thrash into the mix. Their cover of Kylie Minogue’s ‘On A Night Like This’ is another bold – and successful – step for a metal band.


Andy walking the Rocket Room bar

It’s a damn shame there’s only around 150 here for the gig, but everyone present roars approval when Andy jumps onto the U shaped bar in the centre of the room and strolls around it, never missing a note on his bass (and apparently incurring the ire of the venue management).


Think Iron Maiden without so much guitar interplay, a less speedy Helloween or anything Ronnie James Dio has been involved in: think classic, epic, old school heavy metal. I think I can’t wait to get the new CD and see these guys again.


Finally, there can be no greater praise than Metal Billy’s quote: “Fucking good shit, I really like it”!