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Little Caesar


Little Caesar were a damn fine band back in the day. They produced a stunning EP 'Name Your Poison' which hinted at great things and followed it up with one of my favourite ‘pre-grunge’ debut albums. Their second full length was pretty cool too.

Like so many genuinely talented bands, they fell victim to the industry that cared little unless you were shifting units.

To be honest at the time I can appreciate why their ‘biker street gang image’ was a little misleading for a band that combined Rock and Soul to produce something a little different. It’s was one thing, I suppose, in those days to want to not look like a ‘hair’ band, but when there’s no promotion behind you people may just think you sound like Motorhead.

Maybe that's why they didn't get that break? At this point in time I don't care because I have just listened to the new 'Redemption' album end to end and can honestly say that in a year of some great comebacks, this just may be the comeback of the year.

I always liked Ron Young’s voice and though I never got the chance to see Little Caesar I always imagined they would be a great live band. As a big fan of Paul Rodgers and Steve Marriott I hear a lot of them both in Ron’s vocals.

The album itself carries on where ‘Little Caesar’ left off.  If there’s filler on here I can’t pick it and whilst some tracks certainly stand out they all sound great to these ears. The album is absolutely dripping with pure bluesy, rootsy Rhythm and Blues (that’s real Rhythm and Blues guys).

Opener ‘Same Old Story’ is one of those stand-out tracks. It has a Faces-like swagger and is classic Little Caesar. It could be a cut from their first CD. I’m happy already.
‘Supersonic’ is a sing-along, foot-tapping stomper with a chorus that just soars.

‘Loving You Is Killing Me’ is reminiscent of ‘Cajun Panther’ from the first CD crossed with ‘God’s Creation’ from the EP and again has a catchy as hell chorus. 

‘Witness Stand’ is one of my favourites from the album at first listen; there’s some nice Stonesy guitar here and while it may not be completely original you’d be hard pushed to find anything so well executed that has a 2009 vintage.  

‘Redemption’ the title track brings to mind the feel of ‘In Your Arms’ that classic ballad from the first CD, but it’s better. It’s a beautiful heartfelt track that I can’t put down. You just don’t get songs like this anymore!

‘Sick and Tired’ speeds things up a bit, it’s kind of the ‘Drive it Home’ of the new album. Needless to say I like it! ‘Real Rock Drive’ that kicks in afterwards is another up-tempo number that kicks ass. ‘That Was Yesterday’ is a mid-tempo number with some nice slide guitar, it’s cool but not killer compared to some of the other tracks here.


The cover version of Rod Stewart’s ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ like all the best covers adds something to the original and carries on the Little Caesar tradition of covering some great songs and rocking them up a bit.

‘Just Like a Woman’ which closes the album, starts off soulful and acoustic and you sit half expecting it to take flight and the electric to burst in but it doesn’t, and to be honest it’s all the better for that. It’s a nice soulful close to the album, which leaves you wanting to hear more.  

This really is a welcome return from a great band. If you like earthy blues with a touch of soul and smothered in southern-swagger this is for you. If you missed them first time then you will be well-rewarded by checking out the back catalogue too. Redemption is available in download only format at this stage. From the band themselves – check out their ‘myspace’ for details

Now just to get to see them live!