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Concert Review



25-July-2009               MGM Grand Arena – Las Vegas, NV





Eat The Rich  /  Fallin In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)  /  Ragdoll  /  Miss a Thing  /  Walkin' The Dog  /  Last Child  /  Mama Kin (w/ Slash)  /  Combination  /  Stop Messin' Around  /  Love In An Elevator  /  Cryin'  /  Livin' On The Edge  /  Sweet Emotion  /  Walk This Way



Guitar Hero Joe  /  Train Kept A Rollin'


Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the Dallas concert and I am very happy that I am one of the relatively few people who actually got to see Aerosmith this year, but I love Las Vegas and I treated myself to the expensive seats this time.


This was the first time since the 1990 Pump tour I had seen Aerosmith up this close and it makes a massive difference. MGM is a great venue too, not too big (it holds 12,000) and with good sound and layout. There was a near sell-out crowd of 11,700 for the show which was pretty impressive. I sat and chatted with some die-hard fans before the show who were pretty upset that the band had stopped playing ‘Toys in the Attic’ in its entirety but a soon as the intro tape started (same tape as Dallas so I knew exactly how long I had to fuel up on that final beer) all was forgiven.


To me going to an Aerosmith show is a rare treat and it’s been 20 years since I saw two Aerosmith shows in a year. I’d been hitting the i-pod hard all day and managed to successfully procure Steven Tyler’s autograph through a combination of light stalking, talking to the right people and sheer luck, so I was happy. When I got to my seat and saw it was six rows back six seats from the ramp I had to sit down this was going to be amazing.


Musically Aerosmith sound great this tour. Steven’s voice is strong and the rest of the band just has that groove that comes with time like the patina on a one cent coin. I had hoped that they wouldn’t start with ‘Eat the Rich’ this time; I knew they had opened some dates with ‘Train Kept A Rollin’ and I don’t know what it is about ‘Eat the Rich’ but it never really struck a chord. Well not until you have Mr Tyler and Mr Perry dancing along the ramp that runs out into the crowd about three meters away from you!



Most of the sets this tour with the exception of the first seven dates where they went out with Toys are built round a core of the same songs, some new, some old. The hardest thing for any big fan to take must be the inclusion of songs like ‘Combination’ and ‘Stop Messing Around’ mid-set when there are so many great songs they don’t play in their 90 minute sets. And that is the other slight disappointment – they play for 90 minutes. I won’t harp on about it because what you get is quality it just leaves you wanting more… Hell I know they are old but where’s the love? 


When they played ‘Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ at the point where they played ‘Dream on’ in Dallas I knew we are in for an interesting evening. The lady at the side of me was calling for ‘Dream On’ all night, and sported a T-Shirt which read ‘Dream On’ she may well have named her kid ‘Dream On’ but I didn’t ask and he soon fell asleep (I was appalled – kids these days). I knew she wasn’t gonna get it and moved a little closer to the stage unless she did anything rash.


‘Walking the Dog’ and ‘Last Child’ did the trick then came one of the highlights of the night – birthday boy Slash (Spending his 44th in Vegas) came out to play on ‘Mama Kin’ very cool indeed.


Old Mr Tyler took a breather whilst the crowd got a bit bored during the Joe Perry duo of ‘Combination’ and ‘Stop Messing Around’ even in the expensive seats people were ducking out for a beer. I can’t believe that the ‘negative reaction’ that allegedly made them stop playing ‘Toys’ could have been worse than the crowds indifference to those two songs. Personally I’m a fan but I couldn’t even tell if Joe was enjoying himself or not.


The rest of the show seemed to fly by. I had been worried that they wouldn’t play ‘Sweet Emotion’ without Tom (as they hadn’t played it in Dallas) but they came through. I didn’t get my ‘Draw the Line’ though so I have a reason to come back next time.


Steven got his daughter involved, disappearing into the wings to get his daughter Mia help him out during ‘Walk This Way’.


Train closed the set again and I went home smiling, I had a rendezvous with Joey Kramer planned for the next day in Henderson and I wanted to get back, rest up and pick out a nice shirt.


Aerosmith hopefully get back on the road again before the end of the year