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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

KREATOR – METROpolis FREmantle, Australia



Support – Enforce

The motley metal hordes descended upon Metropolis Fremantle to witness cult German thrashers Kreator show off their wares. Although not as menacingly brutal as anticipated they did not disappoint with an intense, albeit slightly short, set list spanning their 24+ years of recorded output .


Earlier we managed to catch support act Enforce’s last few songs and they delivered some tight death/thrash that warmed the punters up for the main act.


Touring in support of their 2009 release Hordes of Chaos – a fine slab of metal – Kreator appeared on stage and opened up with the title track closely followed by late 80’s track Terrible Certainty. This juxtaposition of the old against the new was the story of the evening as apart from 97’s Phobia the entire set was comprised of much rawer songs from their 80’s albums such as Extreme Aggression, Betrayer, Pleasure to Kill and their more mature releases from the 00’s such as Violent Revolution, Enemy of God and the latest release.


Frontman / vocalist / gutarist Mille Petrozza urged the crowd into action with his evil intonations and passionate hate of basically everything and everyone, but there was no real bloodshed as they thrashed along for 80 minutes or so, only stopping for a serviceable but unnecessary drum solo ( if I am correct the drummer was a stand in for regular drummer Ventor). They returned for encore songs Warcurse from HOC and Flag of Hate from their first release as ‘Kreator’, being Endless Pain in 1985.


The sound mix was good and not so loud that you were too busy trying too stop from soiling your trousers instead of just enjoying the thrashing grooves of a band that knows its craft. There was a mosh happening up front but plenty of space for those wanting to preserve their bodies from damage.


The reasonable sized crowd was entertained but not going totally bonkers, however a few more songs would have been better instead of the drum solo (other recent Kreator set lists have had up to 4 additional songs) but the overall crowd mood after the show was one of satisfaction.


As a prelude to the upcoming Megadeth / Slayer show this was a fine appetizer of how the old skool bands can mix it up and show the new crop how to kick metal arse. Like a fine wine, this band’s ‘Kreative’ output is getting better with age so I look forward to their return to our fare shores sometime in the future.


Rating : 3.5 out of 5 DM’s ( Dave Mustaines – the Barometer of Metal )


Set list :

1. Choir of the Damned ( Intro )
2. Hordes of Chaos
3. Terrible Certainty
4. Phobia
5. Betrayer
6. Voices of the Dead
7. Enemy of God
8. Pleasure to Kill
9. Destroy What Destroys You
10. The Patriarch ( Instrumental )
11. Violent Revolution
12. Extreme Aggression
13. Coma of Souls - Drum Solo-
14. Warcurse
15. Flag of Hate